What Dishtaggers want: Steak!

Posted on August 6, 2019 by admin

Steak is easy to cook but hard to please. It is often difficult to find the perfect steak, with limitless options in a foodie heaven like Hong Kong. So, in this episode of What Dishtaggers want, we ask your favourite food bloggers where to find the irresistible and mouth-watering steak that can feed all of your meat cravings. You can also search for “steak” on our platforms to discover your own favourite.

Eric (@ericsgeography) – Grain Fed Rib Eye from Blue – Butcher and Meat Specialist

What Dishtaggers want: Steak 1

Cooking a steak doesn’t require a lot of ingredients like you do with other dishes. All you need are oil, seasoning, and a hot pan. That’s why you can tell if a restaurant is good by how well they cook their steak, and Blue’s Grain Fed Rib Eye is just perfect. A true testament to their chefs’ skills, their Rib Eye is cooked in a rustic and simple way, yet it is flavourful, moist, and divinely crusted with a nice balance of salt and pepper and a hint of rosemary. They are a meat specialist for a reason!

Dishtag notes: we were so very sad to see the permanent closure of Blue back in May. Both Maximal and Dishtag hope Blue will re-open in another location, but nothing is confirmed yet. Blue Butcher has a special place in our hearts and was one of the first restaurants we photographed back in June 2018. Thank you for the yummy steaks, brunches and dinners over the years. The Hong Kong scene is worse off without you.

Joyce (@hk_datfoodie) – Fiorentina Toscana from Gia Trattoria Italiana

What Dishtaggers want: Steak 2

My ultimate meat cravings are aroused at the mere sight of the Fiorentina Toscana from Gia Trattoria Italiana. Weighing in at approximately 1.2kg, this porterhouse steak is definitely not for the faint hearted! However, even the most timid of eaters will find it difficult to resist its deep beefy flavour and smoky chargrilled crust. Each bite of the tender meat releases a burst of the intense meat juices that we all crave. The steak comes with a side of grilled vegetables, but let’s be honest, are you really going to touch them?

Jimmy (@lookatmeimafoodie) – Hanger Steak (200gr) with Korean BBQ Jalapeño Relish from MEATS

What Dishtaggers want: Steak 3

So, I normally head over to MEATS on Staunton and select the “Chef! Give me Meats!” but today wanted something a little different. Instead, I opted for the Hanger Steak (200gr) with Korean BBQ Jalapeño Relish and boy was it good! Cooked to medium rare, the light BBQ jalapeño relish cut through the rich, tender steak perfectly. The smoky chargrilled taste of the meat paired with the Mashed Potato (truffle oil and gravy) was the ultimate match. Saying this, I am pretty sure it would also go amazing with the Glasgow Salad (skinny fries) or shared with other dishes.

Do you agree with their recommendations? How do you like your steak? Leave us a comment below to let us know your favourite steak in Hong Kong.

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