Top 10 Dishtag Favourites

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Here at Dishtag we have been talking about how we embrace the beauty of plating and food presentation through photography and encourage connection between restaurants and food lovers over on our app and social media channels since our launch 2 months ago. Now that our fellow dishtaggers are more familiar with the function of it, we are intrigued to know what the most liked dishes on our platforms are so far. While obviously we do not believe in reviews, we are just going to go through the top 10 dishtagger favourites regularly to stay connected in the community, and potentially inspire you to venture out your culinary comfort zone.


  1. Spanner Crab Linguine from Mercedes me Store Hong Kong

Top 10 Dishtagger Favourites - November Edition 1

Not only is the car visually striking right at the entrance of this experiential restaurant Maximal group brought about, the dining part of the establishment also attracts eyeballs, so much so that it is crowned first on our initial dishtagger favourite list. We are guessing the love affair between Hong Kongers and sea urchin makes possible the popularity. Or is it simply because of the irresistible Italian magic?

  1. Marinated French Chicken from F-word Restaurant & Bar

Top 10 Dishtagger Favourites - November Edition 2

With a menu to flirt, fascinate and fulfill, just about anything from F-word Restaurant & Bar are meant to flatter your dietary and social requirements, transporting the laid-back Aussie essence to the Soho area of Hong Kong. Available in half and whole portion, this much-loved marinated French chicken is a no-brainer for anytime of the day, either having it all to yourself or sharing with friends.

Dishtag notes: we were so very sad to see the permanent closure of F-word.

  1. Falafel from Francis

Top 10 Dishtagger Favourites - November Edition 3

You know it’s delicious when a dish without fancy decorations lands the third place on a favourite list, let alone the popularity Francis accumulated for the short time it being opened. The intimate setting and the no-reservation policy of the restaurant breeds a queue outside almost every night, and the fantastic menu of Middle Eastern cuisine captivates all of our attentions, which in fact is the reason why we hosted our launch event there last month!

  1. Home Beet Fries from Brickhouse

Top 10 Dishtagger Favourites - November Edition 4

Brickhouse, the popular Mexican restaurant hidden in the alleyway in Lan Kwai Fong, is packed every night with its delicate offerings of Mexican comfort food including tacos and nachos. The convenient location also facilitates its success, providing us all a place to hang and enjoy after a day of work. And the best thing about this home beet fries is that you don’t need to worry about it being unhealthy or unappetising – all the more reasons to spend a lovely evening there.

  1. Roast chicken from Little Birdy

Top 10 Dishtagger Favourites - November Edition 5

Another Aussie candidate on our dishtagger favourite list. Little Birdy bills itself as the Australian rotisserie specialist, incorporating the ‘we-do-chicken-right’ kind of attitude in the interior design even. Surely the picture of these two freshly roasted chickens are mouth-watering, but do you know why is this rotisserie a standout among all other rotisseries in Hong Kong? Learn more from Behind The Dish where we caught up with the owner to talk about her passion.

  1. Wonton with Iberico pork in Shanghai chilli sauce from Old Bailey

Top 10 Dishtagger Favourites - November Edition 6

What is a more enticing comfort food than wonton? (okay maybe pasta but we all love wonton too, agree?) The playful dichotomy between Shanghainese and Spanish elements blossoms the delectable wonton with Iberico pork in Shanghai chilli sauce, marking it the signature dish of this Instagram-famous restaurant located in the new landmark of Hong Kong – Tai Kwun. Speaking of Chinese comfort food, Old Bailey offers a whole new hairy crab menu featuring the dainty hairy crab xiaolongbao, which could be your second favourite soon (after the wonton) ?. Discover more here.

  1. Vegetarian xiaolongbao from Old Bailey

Top 10 Dishtagger Favourites - November Edition 7

That’s how much our dishtaggers love Chinese comfort food! It is one of the two restaurants that has two dishes made to our dishtagger favourite list. If that’s not impressive enough, Old Bailey also offers other photo-worthy and delicious dim sum and Chinese dishes, which should keep your stomach and Instagram satisfied. Check the menu out here.

  1. Crab salad and burrata from Fishsteria

Top 10 Dishtagger Favourites - November Edition 8

We seem to see you dripping just by looking at the photo. Well, you are not the only one. Fishsteria is the insider favourite seafood restaurant which serves the freshest catches the Italian way – the compelling way if not. They do affordable set lunch too if you want to have a taste of this gripping salad together with other remarkable seafood dishes.

  1. Guacamole and salsa from Brickhouse

Top 10 Dishtagger Favourites - November Edition 9

No surprise that this handy snack is one of dishtaggers’ favourites. And it’s best when shared with friends over a glass or two. Brickhouse is another restaurant that has two dishes made to our list, which either suggests this tucked-away restaurant being very good, or Mexican food is just a universal babe.

  1. Buttermilk pancakes with blueberries, vanilla crème fraÎche and maple syrup from Aberdeen Street Social

Top 10 Dishtagger Favourites - November Edition 10

We know it’s evil, but who can resist good-looking pancakes (with blueberry and maple syrup too mind you). This social hub does good breakfast as well as nibbles and dinners. As a matter of fact, their Bar Snack menu has just landed on Dishtag, just so you know whatever you are looking for, Aberdeen Street Social has it ready for you.

Dishtag notes: we were so very sad to see the permanent closure of Aberdeen Street Social.

What is your favourite dish? Have you discovered new restaurants and dishes using Dishtag? We would love to hear from you about your experience with Dishtag, or any content you would like to see more on our blog and social media. Let us know in the comment section below.

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