Top 10 Dishtag Favourites – May 2019

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The exciting news in May here at Dishtag is our NEW booking functionality and with such a convenient feature now added to the platform, we were keen to inspire you with the Top 10 Dishtaggers’ Favourites in May. As the seasons seem to change from day-to-day and even minute-to-minute here in our wonderfully humid but air conditioned city, it is not surprising to see a variety of dishes from hot Mexican to spicy curry to textured dim sum to stunning sushi in our Top 10 this month.

1.Spicy Spinach Quesadilla from Locofama   

Top 10 Dishtaggers' Favourites (May 2019 edition) 1

Locofama has successfully put health and wellness to the fore of the local food industry, and its yummy and hearty options not only attract health-conscious food lovers, but also those who want to venture out from a meat-based diet. The touch of chilli and garlic cream in this Spicy Spinach Quesadilla makes the dish so much more stimulating and surprising. Want to have a bite now that everyone’s talking about it? Just BOOK a table here on Dishtag and enjoy your new favourite healthy comfort food.

2. Dim Sum Platter from Foxglove

Top 10 Dishtaggers' Favourites (May 2019 edition) 2

As a visual platform celebrating food and food photography, we understand how a visual feast inspires your taste buds. How can our fellow foodies resist from this dim sum platter when it looks this good? We all know that ingredients and timing are key in making dim sum, and Foxglove surely does a good job keeping the dumplings luscious, delicate and flavour-packed. Yes, you can sample them all in one order, isn’t it the most satisfying weekend treat ever? They also have a pearl set, which looks equally tempting. Just more options for you, you know.

3. Chef Selection of Sushi Platter from Cé La Vi

Top 10 Dishtaggers' Favourites (May 2019 edition) 3

There’s no such thing as too many platters. It’s true because the third Dishtaggers’ favourite in May is also a platter. This sushi platter from Cé La Vi is selected by the chef to make sure you have the best assortment of the Japanese delicacy. We surely can resonate. As we are looking at the photo of it, we just get hungrier. They also serve you up a chef selection of sashimi platter (here) while serving you the splendid skyline of Hong Kong.

4. Burrata from 121BC

Top 10 Dishtaggers' Favourites (May 2019 edition) 4

It is often the simplest (or the most basic) dish that reveals the mastery of the chef. This is surely the case for 121BC. Burrata is one of the many fantastic Italian dishes that everyone loves and keeps going for. So when such an iconic dish catches our Dishtaggers’ eyes and becomes the fourth most popular dish in the month, it is the seal of approval from the foodie community for those who have not yet tried the dish out.

5. Bak Kuk The Xiaolongbao from Old Bailey

Top 10 Dishtaggers' Favourites (May 2019 edition) 5

It’s quite a statement to make for a restaurant’s specialty to be xiao long bao, one of the trickiest dishes in the whole spectrum of Chinese cuisine. So when Old Bailey takes up the challenge and dedicates itself to crafting unconventional xiao long baos, all eyes, more likely all palates, are on their menu. This herbal Iberico pork soup dumpling belongs to the all-you-can-eat weekend brunch menu, which is probably why many of our Dishtaggers have tried and loved. Old Bailey also offers other unique xiao long baos, you may want to check them out here.

6. Dakshini Prawns from Chaiwala

Top 10 Dishtaggers' Favourites (May 2019 edition) 6

Chaiwala told us that Dakshini Prawns are Southern Indian’s favourite, but we think they have underestimated their influence on our fellow food lovers in Hong Kong! It has a hint of coconut and curry, with cherry tomatoes on the side for a sweet note. And you know what is the best thing about having sautéed king prawns as small plates? It’s that you can try all the other seafood small plates too. Just make sure you BOOK though, Indian cuisine is always popular and Chaiwala can get quite full.

7. La Causa from TokyoLima

Top 10 Dishtaggers' Favourites (May 2019 edition) 7

TokyoLima is right in a lot of things, one of which is its prime location in Central, another is it serving the Peruvian fusion cuisine du jour. La Causa is Chef Arturo’s version of Peru’s traditional terrine, which comes in three small bowls of beetroot causa, prawn tartar, rocoto mayo, prawn tempura and charred avocado. Dainty and colourful, TokyoLima’s starters are there to set the standard for your delightful and exotic fusion dining experience ahead.

8. Shakshuka from Veda

Top 10 Dishtaggers' Favourites (May 2019 edition) 8

We have talked about Veda’s alluring vegan fig cheesecake in the Dishtaggers’ Favourites in March, and it looks like Dishtaggers are ready for some more vegetarian dishes from the first all vegetarian hotel restaurant in Hong Kong. This time, it’s a breakfast dish. Shakshuka is made of eggplant, harissa, za’atar and yoghurt, which probably surprises many meat-eaters that vegetarian breakfast can also be this stimulating and tasty.

9. Baja Fish Taco from Te Quiero Mucho

Top 10 Dishtaggers' Favourites (May 2019 edition) 9

Everyone loves tacos, so when new funky Mexican eatery Te Queiro Mucho offers share-style street food alongside their proud selection of cocktails, it’s pretty much on our Dishtaggers’ radars. If you have read our Behind the Dish interview with Chef Alfonso, then you will know he loves to source from the local market to keep it fresh and sustainable. He makes the Baja Fish Taco the Mexican way offering an authentic dining experience for its caliente clientele.

10. Duck Confit Burger from Blue Supreme

Top 10 Dishtaggers' Favourites (May 2019 edition) 10

Blue Supreme continues working wonders at the corner of Tung Street in Sheung Wan with their home-made burgers and live beers since its inception slightly more than one year ago. However, it is the first time for this chic gastropub to be featured on the Dishtaggers’ monthly Favourites list. We are not surprised because we have long been in love with the refreshing combination of this duck confit burger. It has fennel, pomegranate and horseradish, so it’s like rich in texture and in the flavour profile, the kind of gastronomic experience you would like to have in a single bite.

If you are yet to sample the restaurants in our May Top 10….then what are you waiting for? Book a table at selected restaurants clicking on the links. If nothing inspires you in the list (maybe you need to read the article again!?!) be sure to search for what takes your fancy on our website. We want your next dining out experience to be inspired by Dishtag!

Note from Dishtag: Top 10 Favourites list is configured from views and likes across the Dishtag website and Dishtag Instagram. If you have questions on any of the dishes or restaurants posted in this article or across our platform please don’t hesitate to contact us .

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