Top 10 Dishtag Favourites – June 2019

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As we step into summer, we have noticed many of our dishtaggers gravitate towards refreshing options like seafood, Thai dishes and dessert in our Top 10 in June. If you are also sweating the best places to relax and feast under the blistering sun, read on to get inspired by these mid-summer delights.

Braised Morel Mushroom and Winter Melon Broth from Foxglove

Top 10 Dishtaggers Favourites (June 2019) 1

Soup-making is a crucial part in the Chinese cuisine as well as the medical system, which is largely dependent on the seasonal ingredients and the yin-yang balance between the nature and the human body. Therefore, winter melon broth is a popular summer dish as it counters the heat trapped in the body during summertime. No wonder this one from Foxglove won the heart of dishtaggers in June.

Greek Ceviche from Estiatorio Keia

Top 10 Dishtaggers Favourites (June 2019) 2

What does vacation smell like? Probably the salty smell of the sea and the sweet taste of fresh ocean catches. Estiatorio Keia does exactly that. Located in the new landmark in Central, H Queens, this new Greek restaurant focuses on seafood, bringing the authentic Greek flavour to the bustling crowd in the financial hub. As the second Dishtaggers’ favourite in June, this hellenic dish is made with sea bass, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, olives and wild herbs – every bite captures the holiday spirit.

Grilled King Prawn from Locofama

Top 10 Dishtaggers Favourites (June 2019) 3

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland, and Locofama surely knows how to make salad as appealing as other dishes. The grilled king prawn and roasted vegetables carry a hint of barbecue flavour, keeping it simple yet interesting. Locofama also offers other salads that they call FAMA bowls, get inspired today by searching for “salad” on our platforms.

Parma ham from Pici

Top 10 Dishtaggers Favourites (June 2019) 4

This parma ham is aged 18 months and it’s best to pair with a glass or two. You know that the restaurant is popular when cold cuts also get featured in our Top 10. With 5 locations across Hong Kong, Pici is no doubt one of the coolest places to hangout with friends this summer.

Flower Crab Pasta from Second Draft

Top 10 Dishtaggers Favourites (June 2019) 5

A joint collaboration between the ALE project, Young Master ALES and May Chow, Second Draft is the new gastropub in the tranquil neighbourhood of Tai Hang that everyone talks about. This flower crab pasta fuses thick Shanghainese noodles, crab meat and egg yolk together in butter sauce, a rich and creamy dish that sums up the whole concept of the restaurant – hearty fusion flavours with intriguing brews.

P.I.G Burger from Beef & Liberty

Top 10 Dishtaggers Favourites (June 2019) 6

If you have read our new series, Dishtagger Recommendation, then you will know this burger is one of the bloggers’ favourites. As one of the best burger places in town, Beef & Liberty gives you the juicy pulled pork and crackling in their famous P.I.G burger, making it the ultimate indulgence that needs no excuses.

Alitas Con Quinoa from Ichu Peru

Top 10 Dishtaggers Favourites (June 2019) 7

Alitas Con Quinoa was the festival exclusive dish in Taste of HK this year from Ichu Peru, and it was so popular that they put the dish on their menu. The secret recipe to this dish is the Peruvian pepper sauce, according to Chef Sang in his Behind the Dish article. We guess dishtaggers really enjoy the crunchiness and the explosion of flavours of the stuffed chicken wings, which makes a good starter to the sensational Peruvian dishes ahead.

Madame Fu Brunch

Top 10 Dishtaggers Favourites (June 2019) 8

One may get attracted to Madame Fu‘s interior first: the picture-perfect pink room, the retro verandah overlooking the Tai Kwun Square, and more. But it gets even more exciting once the food arrives: the social media famous afternoon tea set, and this Madame Fu brunch set featuring delicious dim sum selections, which also comes with a drink package – one to enjoy with friends and family on a Sunday afternoon.

Mak Mak Weekend Brunch

Top 10 Dishtaggers Favourites (June 2019) 9

Sometimes it gets quite tricky to order when there are more than 2 of you, so Mak Mak has curated a summer-loving weekend brunch for everyone to enjoy over refreshing cocktails. From crackling spring rolls to phase bai ka pow (stir-fried tofu with garlic and Thai holy basil) to the iconic mango sticky rice, this new brunch menu is here to cool you down in the boiling weather.

Lemon Posset from Cornerstone

Top 10 Dishtaggers Favourites (June 2019) 10

A simple dessert like this lemon posset that consists only of strawberry, mint and meringue showcases the humble style of Cornerstone, the new neighbourhood restaurant on Hollywood road. Perhaps dishtaggers were keen to the sour-sweet taste of lemon and the refreshing mint in this weather, making it the first dish on our Top 10 within the first month of the restaurant opening. If you are intrigued to know what other amazing dishes this establishment has to offer, read more in our interview with the 2 masterminds at the helm here.

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