Emporio Antico is a restaurant, lounge and importer of luxury foods in Hong Kong. With an intimate dining space, the modern western restaurant delivers a unique and excellent dining experience through its high quality products and extensive wine list. Chef Mike Boyle works diligently to bridge the gap between high quality products, proper execution and value for money. Emporio Antico sources top-quality products such as fresh seasonal truffles, Kaluga Queen caviar, aged balsamic vinegar and saffron. The wine list also features a wide range of varietal and blends, representing numerous countries on multiple continents.


239,18/F Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday 6PM–10:30PM
Sunday Closed


+852 2387 7168

Tasting Menu
Italian Cuisine
French Cuisine
Chinese Cuisine
Japanese Cuisine