Best Coffee in Hong Kong

Posted on September 29, 2020 by Youn

“Life happens. Coffee helps!” How this rings true for many of us in Hong Kong who need a morning cup of Joe to get the day started. In celebration of International Coffee Day this week, we share the most photogenic coffee-based beverages on Dishtag.

Hashtag Coffee

Dirty. Photography Credit: Hashtag Coffee

The Dirty from Hashtag Coffee is a classic double espresso with a shot of cold milk on top. We love the use of natural light and shadows here. For instance, mimicking how a cup of coffee helps us transition from the darkness of sleep to the brightness of a new morning.

Hashtag Coffee is a quaint coffee shop in Sai Ying Pun with a unique interior that make for some great photographs. In addition to their creative latte art of course!

99B, High Street, Sai Ying Pun


Caffè Açaí-Rosa. Photography Credits: HABITŪ

The Caffè Açaí-Rosa from HABITŪ brings an element of romance and wellness to their tables. This is achieved by blending their latte with healthy Açaí berries and basil seeds. And subsequently topped with rose petals for an elegant touch. Above all, this results in a truly unique coffee to take a snap of!

HABITŪ is a well known chain of cafes around Hong Kong with selection of unique signature coffees and cold brews.

Various Locations

Blue Bottle

Latte. Photography Credit: Blue Bottle

The baristas at Blue Bottle use the classic rosetta design to brighten up every latte. In this close up image, we can fully appreciate the intricate movements being made with the steamed milk. All of this concludes to reveal the rosetta perfectly perched atop the latte.

Blue Bottle originates from Japan and operates out of an expansive 2-storey shop next to the Central escalators. Their huge windows also provide a great backdrop for that perfect shot of your favourite coffee!

38 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central


Hot Matcha Latte. Photography Credit: Matchali

Matchali‘s Hot Matcha Latte is your classic latte with a healthy dose of the Japanese green tea, Matcha. The use of props in the background is particularly interesting in this shot. For example, the visual cues to the Japanese influence behind the Matcha Latte.

Matchali is Hong Kong’ first and only homegrown Matcha specialist, offering all sorts of delicious matcha-infused food and beverages.

Shop 239, 2nd Floor, Landmark Atrium, Central

The Coffee Academics

Manuka. Photography Credit: The Coffee Academics

The Manuka from The Coffee Academics is a latte sweetened with raw honey rather than sugar. The action of pouring honey into the coffee cup really brings this photo to life. For instance, the honey dropping into the coffee as the next drop oozes provides great visual imagery of the feeling of having this beverage.

The Coffee Academics is a specialty chain of coffee shops with branches across Asia. What’s more is each outlet in the 852 is uniquely designed to provide various backgrounds for the perfect Hong Kong coffee photo.

Various Locations

Double Shot by Cupping Room

Spent Martini. Photography Credit: Double Shot by The Cupping Room

The Spent Martini is a concoction of espresso, coffee liqueur and vodka from Double Shot, opened by the minds behind The Cupping Room. Because of this, the coffee cocktails at Double Shot are guaranteed to use high-quality ingredients. What stands out in this image are the matching curves of the background and the cocktail glass, creating visual harmony. In addition to this, the simple, yet elegant, presentation only adds to the illusion of a truly sultry cocktail!

Double Shot is one of the few places in Hong Kong where you can enjoy your morning coffee and imbibe on cocktails in the evening.

1/F, 49 Hollywood Road, Central

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Author: Youn