Best vegetarian dishes in Hong Kong

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Earth Day this year had a different tone. With the world currently dealing with a global pandemic, the slogan of Earth Day 2020 was “enough is enough”. The first Earth Day in 1970 is credited with launching the modern environmental movement, and maybe it’s symbolic that 2020 marks the milestone 50th anniversary, as many predict that the world post coronavirus will be somewhat different.

This year the call is for a “new way forward” in which “everyone can make a difference”. So whether this means you acting responsibly with social distancing, or eating vegetarian a few more times a week, 2020 has taught us so far that the world is so interconnected, each and every one of us can do our part to helping a greater good.

For us as a food photography platform, we try to do our part by inspiring you with images of beautiful vegetarian and sustainable dishes you can find in the best restaurants in Hong Kong. And as we all need a bit of colour in our lives right now, we’ve picked 5 bright dishes from Asia and the Middle East to liven up your day.

Tropical Bali

Starting off with a colourful crunch: tropical coloured garlic crackers on this gado gado from Potato Head. While our eyes should be drawn to the incredible veggie dish, they are more laser focussed on that cocktail. I am sure we all need a drink right now to lift the spirits, that one looks (and probably tastes) very uplifting.

Gado Gado, Potato Head, Assorted blanched garden vegetables tossed in a white cashew & peanut dressing served with fried shallots, free range egg, tempeh & garlic crackers. Photography Credit: Dishtag
Green Hong Kong

Away from the dreams and colours of Bali, we have lots of beautiful green right here in the 852. One shade is in all its Earth Day glory here in these beautiful green packets of deliciousness topped with truffle served up by sustainably focussed Sohofama. Founder Larry Tang and the team have been busy recently on a host of new initiatives, including the creation of a seasonal herbal soup selection and a delivery kitchen Fama Kitchen. We interviewed Larry for a pro bono project around the pandemic if you want to read more about his thoughts and his vision.

sohofama dishtag
Steamed Black Truffle Dumplings, Sohofama. Photography Credits: Dishtag
The Bright Middle East

Seems the sun always shines at Francis, so this shining pumpkin, zucchini and labneh salad is a perfect choice for our Earth Day selection. Topped with mint for freshness, AND for food styling purposes. We hosted our Dishtag launch party there back in 2018, and its perfect spot for an 8 person party in 2020.

Zucchini Salad, Francis. Grilled pumpkin, feta, sumac
Colourful Korea

The colours just pop on the Korean Fried Cauliflower from Yardbird. While only 5 colours on this photo, the bright orange and green on the white and black background make this an iconic photo for one of Hong Kong’s iconic dishes. One of the very few good things to come out of 2020 so far is that this dish and others from YB are now available for delivery.

yardbird dishtag
KFC, Yardbird. Korean Fried Cauliflower. Yuzu, Chili, Lime. Photography Credit: Yardbird
Beautiful Japan

It is said that after this pandemic people will cherish more the simple things in life. So on Earth Day we ask what is as simple as a single tomato on a plate? Ok, this is not a “normal tomato”, its a Japanese tomato topped with hojiso, but the simplicity of this concept says everything you need to know about the Earth’s goodness.

Fruit Tomato, Honjo. Arbequina oil, yuzu gelee, hojiso. Photography Credits: Pirata Group
Whatever you do this Earth Day, hope these images have been inspiring. And whether you change habits, or just want to check out one these vegetarian dishes, do let us know your thoughts (and remember to post your photos in the Dishtag app). And if you are interested, please read more about Earth Day here

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