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Posted on March 24, 2020 by admin

Positive sharing

From our beginnings back in 2014, when the idea for Dishtag first came about, our vision was to build a social platform that encourages positive sharing of food photos and dining experiences. We had no intention of being another food review app, but had a mission to inspire a new generation of foodies – one that eats with their eyes – to share their favourite food moments.

We started to develop a plan to build a unique mobile food app that would allow foodies to capture, celebrate, share, and create an archive of great dining experiences. 


6 years later and we had been user testing the second version of our app through a series of food photography workshops, and we were making plans to launch to our community at Easter. That is until the global coronavirus pandemic hit.

With billions of people across the world currently at home, many restaurants have been forced to close their doors. These are unprecedented times for the world and our industry and we wish everyone the best in dealing with this health crisis.

What has given us hope in the last few weeks is the outpour on social media of people reflecting and reminiscing of better days. Looking back at times when lunch with colleagues, dinner with your partner, pizza with the kids, and a brunch with friends was the norm. Times that now feel like the ultimate luxury. Famous chefs have commented that the world may cherish more their dining experiences in the future.

Looking to the future

After lots of our own reflection within the Dishtag team, we have decided to move forward with our app launch despite this virus. The purpose of our app has always been to celebrate food experiences, so we want to give the world a new social platform to celebrate food memories at a time when we believe people want to reflect and share.

Also at this time when foodies are not dining out, we encourage you to use our app to share food photos of deliveries you are ordering at home, or the goodies you are cooking up in the kitchen.

So whether you want to use the Dishtag app to upload old photos, or capture what you are eating today, download our app and start sharing your best foodie moments now.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Adam and Raffaella
Co-Founders of Dishtag

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