Dishtag App 101

Posted on April 2, 2020 by admin

The Home Feed

Here you can get inspired by beautiful food photography from your favourite restaurants. Click on each picture on the feed to see it full screen. On the top left corner you can access the search bar, while on the top right corner you have the navigation menu to discover other sections of the app: following feed, notifications, find friends…

Search for a dish, a cuisine or for your favourite restaurant. You can filter your search by the most liked “HOT”, the newest “NEW” or the closest to you “NEAR”.

Unique full screen images that make you drool…

Enjoy beautiful full screen food photos. Tap on the caption box to hide it, tap again anywhere to bring it back. Swipe right to view all the feed photos full screen.

And don’t forget to try to turn your phone horizontally to make sure you see the full photos if in landscape format.

Find friends and see what they’ve been up to

Click on the top right corner of the home feed to access the navigation menu.

Here you can:

  1. Find friends & foodie influencers and follow them
  2. Access the “following” feed

The following feed is a separate feed which shows in real time the latest from foodies you follow. Here you can check the places they have been and the dishes they tagged.

Upload your best dining memories with the Dishtag camera

Click on the camera icon in the home feed to access the Dishtag camera.

The Dishtag camera features fun composition guidelines that help you take better photos with different angles. Choose between top shot, 45 degree angle, side angle and pick the composition guidelines more suitable for the scene you want to style: minimal, table spread, social…

If you already have the perfect shot in your gallery, you can simply upload a photo tapping on the gallery icon at the bottom left corner.

After you snapped a photo or uploaded it from the gallery you can:

  1. TAG THE RESTAURANT: find the restaurant from the list & tag it. We only list some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong (for now). if you can’t find the restaurant you want to tag you can still upload a photo.
  2. TAG THE DISH: pick the dish to tag or choose “dish not listed” if you can’t find it in the list.
  3. TAG FRIENDS: tag your dining companions.
  4. SHARE IT ON IG: you can choose to share your “dishtag” (AKA food pic) on IG.
  5. SHARE IT! Your photo will appear in your Dishtag profile and on the following feed of foodies who follow you.

The Dishtag profile

All your “dishtags” (AKA food pics) are collected in a beautiful gallery so that you can cherish your best dining memories. Click on the each pic to see it full screen and click on the name of the restaurant you’ve tagged to check out their visual menu and latest dishes.

Keep track of all the places you’ve been in the tab “PLACES“.

See who follows you in the tab “FOLLOWERS“.

The restaurant profile

You can access the profile of a restaurant in many different ways:

  • by clicking on the logo or on the restaurant name in the home feed or while searching for a dish
  • by clicking on the restaurant tagged by your foodie friends in their “dishtags” (AKA food pics)
  • from the “places” tab in the Dishtag profile page

Check out the visual menu and swipe through beautiful dish pictures. Click on the pics to see them full screen and check dish name, details and price.

Get inspired and reserve a table!

If you haven’t yet, download the Dishtag app on Android and iOS & share

to be featured in our Dishtags of the week!


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