How To Use The Dishtag App

Posted on December 11, 2018 by admin

New to the Dishtag App? This three-step guide will help get you started finding the dish you like through beautiful photos on this revolutionary platform:

Step 1: Discover How To Use The Dishtag App 1

Go to the App Store or Google Play Store to download Dishtag. Simply register with your email and password, and then you will be greeted by four main tabs at the bottom of the page. Head to DISCOVER DISHES and follow your favourite restaurants to get menu updates. You can also follow your friends here to see their food adventures in Hong Kong.

How To Use The Dishtag App 2If you are simply looking for a dish, just type the kind of dish you want (e.g., Pasta) and filter the search results by radius to instantly locate the available restaurants nearby.

How To Use The Dishtag App 3Click on the photos you like for the description and the price – it’s as easy as that.

Step 2: Browse

How To Use The Dishtag App 4

Go to FEED and you will see beautiful photos from the restaurants you follow and pics taken by your friends. Say you are intrigued by a dish that a restaurant has just posted – click VIEW MENU underneath the photo and you will be brought to the restaurant page with its official visual menu. How To Use The Dishtag App 5Food is so subjective. By having the two forms of content, photographed by an official Dishtag photographer and photographed by a diner, you can get a good idea of what you’re going to get when you order that specific dish, which is probably going to be somewhere in between the impeccably styled restaurant photo and your friend’s pic taken with her iPhone. The restaurant page has an information section with the restaurant’s operational hours and contact details so you can easily make phone reservations from our app. 

Step 3: Share
The camera eats first! You can snap and share your food photo under the UPLOAD A DISH tab. Once you have taken the picture, tag both the restaurant and dish (with preloaded dish details) as well as the friends with whom are sharing this wonderful dining experience.

How To Use The Dishtag App 6Treat it as a way to document your gastronomic journey and build your reputation as a food influencer amongst your friends. You will be amazed by this life-changing innovation. Go on – try it. Don’t hashtag a dish; Dishtag it!

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Download Dishtag through the App Store or Google Play Store