What do we search for anyways

Posted on October 11, 2018 by admin

There are SO many ways to search for anything you want today – you can search for a location on google maps, a friend on facebook, a date on Tinder, and a ride on UBER, and just about anything you don’t really need to buy on Amazon – EASY? But what about when it comes to something to eat ? Something vegetarian, or something Italian, or maybe even a steak?

What happens when you search for steak on Google? Well, you get 271,000,000 search results in 0.47 seconds, you get a definition of what a steak is, and you get videos of how to cook a steak from Jamie Oliver. Useful? How many times have you just searched for a steak because you want the definition from Wikipedia? You only search steak for one thing…because you want to eat a juicy, succulent steak, just like the one the bad guy eats in The Matrix. You know the one, right?

“But what about on Instagram?” I hear you cry! Thats the place to find food? Isn’t it? So i type #steak and I get 9,462,926 posts. Mmm, any closer to finding that steak? I guess not.

So what about if I type steak into the search bar of a web search platform that is DEDICATED to food? Well, you find pictures of steaks in Hong Kong, not taken by people with their iPhones, but taken by food photographers, who want to inspire you with the image, not with their life story about “the time” they went for a steak. Food is so subjective, and how i like my steak may be different to how you like it thank you very much. All I want to see is the photo of how the dish will look like, and I want to see the description of the dish and I want to see the price.

If I want to see photos of the dishes taken by users, I can download the Dishtag app and do that – see both user generated content and photos taken by the pros. But you won’t find a review on Dishtag, take that somewhere else. Dishtag is about beautiful dishes, inspiring you through food photography, and creating excitement through the dish pic. If you want to get inspired, click on a photo.

Go on, try it. Click on the photos you like. And you will find the dish you like. This is Dishtag. Welcome to the Dishtag revolution.

Author: admin