Dishtag x Foodpanda – Vegan Campaign

Posted on November 17, 2020 by Youn

We continue our celebration of World Vegan Month with our creative collaboration with Foodpanda on their Vegan PLANTPOWER Campaign. We’re featuring four of the best places in Hong Kong to enjoy fresh and healthy vegan meals – Mother Pearl, Mana!, Kale and Kind Kitchen by Green Common.

Only a few years ago, it would have been difficult to dedicate a whole campaign to the vegan food that is available in this city. But how far we’ve come! More attention is being paid towards healthy and sustainable eating, and the rise of plant-based meat alternatives has even allowed fast food chains to get in on the act. Not only is vegan food more accessible, but the dishes are getting prettier as well! We’ve selected some of our favourites from the photo shoot but you can find many more at

To enjoy free delivery on Foodpanda at all vegan restaurants, just use promo code PLANTPOWER.This promotion is valid until November 30 and is valid on orders above $100 (not including delivery charge).

Mother Pearl

Mother Pearl. Photography Credit: Dishtag

In many ways, Mother Pearl is a symbol of exactly how far the city has come in terms of vegan cuisine. Not only is this newly opened venue 100% vegan, but their specialty is vegan beverages! The entire menu is full of hand-crafted and plant-based drinks made with natural and organic ingredients. Suggested drinks are the Pot of Gold ($42 on Foodpanda), True East ($47 on Foodpanda), and Over the Rainbow ($55 on Foodpanda).

Walk in Only | 25 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central


Mana!. Photography Credit: Dishtag

Arguably one of the OGs of plant-based dining in Hong Kong, Mana! has been promoting healthy and sustainable eating for years. And their menu of delicious and vegan wraps, salads and burgers has largely remained the same. Of course you can make your own with ingredients to your liking. But any of their signature creations will be sure to hit the spot – Mezze Box ($126 on Foodpanda), Pachamana! Salad ($142 on Foodpanda), Green Juice ($63 on Foodpanda) and Sun Juice ($63 on Foodpanda).

Walk in Only | 8 Staunton Street, Central | 8-10 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai


Kale. Photography Credit: Dishtag

When dining together, it can be challenging to find a restaurant that suits everyone’s needs. But that’s exactly what Kale provides with their flexitarian offering. Best known as a healthy food restaurant in Hong Kong serving great salads and sliders, there are plenty of options for vegan diners to choose from sitting opposite their more carnivorous companions. Suggested dishes are Tofu Avocado with Mixed Salad (from $67.50 on Foodpanda), Chia Bite Wrap ($98 on Foodpanda) and Sunny-side Up Turmeric Caulirice ($113 on Foodpanda).

Walk in Only  | 29 Li Yuen Street West, Central

Kind Kitchen by Green Common

Kind Kitchen by Green Common. Photography Credit: Dishtag

What started as a plant-based grocery concept store called Green Common, culminated in the opening of a 100% plant-based eatery. Kind Kitchen was the result and what sets them apart is their innovative use of plant-based meat alternatives to create Asian comfort food; something that has been a little harder to find. Be sure to try their Chinese Herbal Soup with Yam Noodles ($69 on Foodpanda), OmniPork Sour and Spicy Noodle ($59 on Foodpanda) and OmniPork Luncheon and JUST Egg Rice with Black Pepper Teriyaki Sauce ($79 on Foodpanda).

Walk in Only  | 173 Des Voeux Road Central, Central

Author: Youn