Foodpanda x Dishtag Beer Campaign

Posted on October 19, 2020 by Youn

Last month we teamed up with Foodpanda for their BURGERFEST campaign. This month we go again! Except this time we’re showingcasing craft beers in Hong Kong – featuring Little Creatures, Zhang Men Brewing Company, Binge Drinking Club and Peel 65.

We got to spend two days visiting some of the great craft beers joints Hong Kong has to offer, all while taking photos of their great selection of craft beers and perfect food pairings. We’ve picked out our favourites from the photo shoots but you can go to to find many more visual menus.

From now until November 3, you can get free delivery from all beer sellers on foodpanda by simply using code OURBREWS. This offer is valid on orders of $100 or more (excluding delivery free) while stocks last.
*with the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, please remember to adhere to social distancing regulations

Little Creatures

Beer Paddle. Photography Credit: Dishtag

Hong Kongers may have only become familiar with Little Creatures in the last 4 years. But these Pale Ale experts have been perfecting their trade for over 20 years! Originating out of Western Australia, the West Coast IPA has become a firm favourite at their Kennedy Town location. Brewed locally, the West Coast IPA goes equally well with savoury and sweet dishes. Think Steamed Mussels or Creme Brulee!

The West Coast IPA ($158) is available for delivery on foodpanda. As is another locally brewed craft beer, Lunar White Ale ($138).

Click here for reservations | Shop 1, G/F, New Fortune House, 5A New Praya, Kennedy Town

Zhang Men Brewing Company

Beers & Bar Bites. Photography Credit: Dishtag

As the craft beer craze grew across Asia, the scene exploded in Taiwan. Taiwan is now home to dozens of breweries up and down the island. Of these microbreweries, Zhang Men boasts possibly the largest range of craft beers. And in 2017 they opened their first overseas taproom in Hong Kong. Staying true to their roots, Zhang Men offers beer pairing tips for their more Taiwan-centric dishes. For example, a plate of Spicy Duck Tongue is complemented well by the hoppiness of 74 Turbo IPA, which really amplifies the flavours.

Zhang Men offers a variety of draft-in-can craft beers for delivery on foodpanda, including the IPA ($118) and Helles ($112)

Call +852 26561515 for reservations | Shop 1, Shun Fai Building, 64-66A Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Binge Drinking Club

Beers & Bar Bites. Photography Credit: Dishtag

As suggested in their name, Binge Drinking Club on Elgin Street is all about having fun with beer. They’ve partnered with Young Master to create their own craft beer and is available in draught or canned form. And all of this can be enjoyed with a delicious menu of goodies or shisha. Their house beer is best paired with deep fried items such as their savoury Fries & Wings, Vegan Nuggets or even Fried Oreos!

Binge Craft Beer ($40.50) and Oh CBD Beer! ($85.50) can both be found on foodpanda. And for larger gatherings you can order one of their food and beverage combos, which also includes bottles of their house sake to enjoy their infamous sake bombs at home!

Walk Ins Only | 14 Elgin Street, Soho, Central

Peel 65

Chan Pui IPA & Amber Ale. Photography Credit: Dishtag

In many ways 65 Peel is a throwback to days of Hong Kong past with the neon lights and industrial interior. But their extensive craft beer menu is very much a nod to the burgeoning Hong Kong craft beer scene. The Signature Golden Crispy Chicken goes particularly well with the Signature Pale Ale from Lion Rock Brewery. While fans of Moonzen’s 6 year anniversary beer will find the Seared Wagyu Beef Cheek to be a complementary nibble.

65 Peel offers the most popular of 5 versions of their beers through foodpanda, including IPA, Pale Ale, Wheat Ale, Sour Beer and Stout/Porter. Each beer is available at $45.

Click here for reservations | G/F, 65-65A Peel Street, Soho, Central

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Author: Youn