Best mooncakes Hong Kong

Posted on September 14, 2020 by Youn

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the biggest celebrations in many Asian calendars. Nothing exemplifies the spirit of the festival in Hong Kong more than Mooncakes and we have a list of Dishtag’s favourites for Mid-Autumn Festival this year.

Traditionally a day to celebrate the new harvest and full moon with loved ones, the Mooncake normally includes at least one egg yolk to symbolise the moon and is often gifted to relatives and friends during this time of year. While many of the city’s local bakeries offer the sweet, indulgent treat in its traditional form, some of our favourite restaurants and hotels are using modern flavours and ingredients to serve a more contemporary take on the Mooncake. Add the immaculately designed boxes and you’ve got the perfect Mid-Autumn gift for your loved ones!

Here’s the Dishtag guide to some of the best Mooncakes for 2020!


Mooncake. Photography Credits: Duddell’s

Duddell’s Mooncake offering this year is packaged in a lavishly designed box created by Hong Chong-Ip, and includes a new addition in their Lava Cream Custard Mooncake. Duddell’s offers the Limited Edition LED Lantern Set (8 pieces) at $588 and the Signature Gift Box (6 pieces) for $300. Free delivery available with a minimum purchase of $4,000 ($350 delivery charge if below minimum).

The Mandarin Cake Shop (Mandarin Oriental)

Mooncake. Photography Credits: The Mandarin Cake Shop

The Mandarin Oriental showcases their Mooncake collection in an iconic fan-shaped gift box filled with an assortment Mooncakes. The Mandarin Cake Shop offers traditional Mooncakes in their White Lotus with Yolk and Golden Lotus Yolk flavours, but also more contemporary flavours such their Egg Custard Mooncakes. Prices start from $418 for a box of 4 regular-sized or 6 mini-sized Mooncakes.

Lung King Heen

Mooncake. Photography Credits: Lung King Heen

Lung King Heen’s Michelin-starred chefs use traditional Chinese ingredients in their Mooncakes this year with three truly unique flavours – Preserved Eggs and Pickled Ginger, Chinese Date with Walnuts, and Lotus Seed Paste with Salted Egg Yolk and Black Truffle. The Assorted Signature Gift Box are great for trying a little bit of everything at $560 per box. Or you can also get individual boxes of your favourite flavour starting from $518.

Butterfly Patisserie (Rosewood Hotel)

Mooncake. Photography Credits: Butterfly Patisserie

Rosewood Hotel is known for having some of the finest new restaurants in Hong Kong, and their in-house patisserie is just as fine. Butterfly Patisserie offers a Traditional White Lotus Mooncake Set (4 pieces) for the purists, as well as a Mini Assorted Flavours Set (6 pieces) for more contemporary palates – flavours include Jasmine Egg Custard, Lapsang Lotus and Red Bean Mandarin Peel. Each intricately designed box includes art by Hong Kong artist Frank Tang. Rosewood also donate a lunchbox to Impact HK for each box sold.

The Peninsula Boutique (The Peninsula)

Mooncake. Photography Credits: The Peninsula Boutique

The Peninsula has been one of the go-to places for luxurious Mooncakes since the 1980s. With prices starting at $208, The Peninsula Boutique offers Mooncakes in both mini and regular sizes in an assortment of traditional and modern flavours, including Walnut and Dried Longan flavoured Egg Custard. The crown jewel is their Star Chef Moon Gazing Gift Box ($1,888) which includes Mooncakes, their famed Chinese Fine Tea and a pair of limited-edition tea cups. Part of their proceeds will also go to the Feeding Hong Kong charity


Mooncake. Photography Credits: Lucullus

Lucullus with celebrating the festivities with two gift boxes on offer. The Exquisite Fusion Mooncake Gift Box includes four Mini Mooncakes in two flavours. The Spirit of the Dragon Chocolate Mooncake Gift Box includes one piece of each flavour and 6 pieces of unique Lucullus Chocolate. Both are priced at $328 and come with a great looking gift box.

Author: Youn