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Dishtaggers of the week #1

Posted on March 27, 2020 by admin


The latest version of the Dishtag app is out on the App Store and Google Play and some of our favourite foodies have started using it to upload their best dining memories!

Our app was developed with the purpose of sharing dining experiences with foodie friends, but as the current coronavirus pandemic is limiting our movements, we see many influencers now reminiscing of better days gone by and are sharing their favourite moments from the past. We also see inspired foodies posting what they are eating at home, whether that be a yummy delivery or something cooked up in the kitchen.

We are all hoping that we can flatten this curve and go back to dining & wining in restaurants and taking food photos again soon. But in the meantime, why not begin today and start uploading your favourite food photos from your photo archive or from what you are eating at home?

Here are some of our favourite pictures (AKA Dishtags) of the week. We will be featuring the best photos uploaded to Dishtag every week on our blog and in our newsletter!

Dishtag photos of the week

Roasted Sea Cucumber taken at VEA by @nothingbutfoodies

Just imagine springy roasted sea cucumber generously stuffed with sweet & supple hairy crab meat, all resting in an incredibly rich crab paste broth, then finished with a 20-year HK yellow wine mist ??UMAMI AT ITS FINEST!!” – says Charlotte about VEA’s beautifully presented sea cucumber.

We love this photo because sea cucumber is not the most photogenic of all foods but she still managed to snap a great picture of it. Lovely contrast, subtle colours in the background make the orange of the crab paste pop nicely and highlight the black of the sea cucumber. Focus on the dish but use of props in the background to add depth to the image. WELL DONE!



Duck Breast Salad taken at Poem by @hkfoodelicious

This photo is a great Dishtag as the layering of the different elements on the table are positioned in an optimal way to draw attention to the juicy duck breast (and make us drool on it!!)

The textured background of the stone tray and bowl contributes to add depth to the image.






Salted Ice Cream Bao taken at Little Bao by @littlefoodjojo

This dish is definitely one of the most photogenic of all. Who wouldn’t feel instantly attracted by a deep fried bao ice cream sandwich with dripping caramel sauce?

Although all the merit shouldn’t be given to the Bao but also to the great eye of Joanne! We love how she decided to place two baos in a row which creates a beautiful perspective and puts the focus on the front bao which is off-centre. The angle of this picture features a 45 degree line in the background where table and wall meet that creates an interesting intersection of visual lines and helps balance the composition.

???great one!



All Day Set Meal taken @Duddell’s by @eatswithkally

My favourite thing about this All Day Set was not just the affordable price tag, but the succulent barbecued pork and crispy pork belly!” writes Kally in her dishtag’s caption of the Duddell’s All Day Set Meal.

We can’t agree more with our fellow dishtagger Kally, who managed to capture all our favourite Chinese dishes in a lovely way.

The pic features well Duddell’s terrace’s lush surroundings and we love that she used the human element in the shot to make it more fun and “lifestyle”. We always encourage a good lifestyle shot!






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