Dishtaggers of the week #9

Posted on June 9, 2020 by admin


Rain, rain, go away! With the usual rainy season (literally) storming over Hong Kong, we feel the insatiable need of featuring the most pretty dishes, possibly with a high sugar level, to get us through this week with a smile on our face. Here are some of our favourite pictures shared by our dishtaggers this week.

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Earl Grey Chiffon Cake taken at Jomo by @everybiteofcalories

Rainy weather calls for comfort food! And this earl grey cake pic definitely caught our eye while scrolling through the Dishtag app feed.

We like the choice of a 45-degree angle shot to feature the beautiful volume of the cake and the icing. While the general mood of this image is very bright and airy, we like to see the right amount of contrast that helps highlight the spongy texture of this cake.

Thanks Janet for making us crave this dish.

Jomo Cafe, we’re coming your way!


Tirsmisu taken at Page Common by @852foodiegram

This week is all about cakes to overcome our Monday Blues: we couldn’t not pick these beautiful, fluffy, sweet, creamy and all things sugary TIRAMISU. Probably one of the most popular desserts, this one is looking especially good.

We like that Rosé decided to take a simple shot of it, where the tiramisu is the hero of the composition. The angle of the pic is also a great choice as it allows us to see the lovely spongy layers of the cake, right in the centre.

The light is also a winner, showcasing the powdery texture of the cocoa at the top, in contrast with the soft texture of the cream.

The colours are kept neutral which help the viewer focus on the one and only, holy tiramisu.


Gluten-free Earl Grey cake taken at Infinity C. by @BrunchInTulle

Another earl grey cake made it to the top list this week. But this one is gluten-free, does it also mean guilt-free? LOL!

We like the “lifestyle vibes” of this pic, featuring cars and a famous HK red bus on the street in the background, plus a cute bunch of flowers that matches the beautiful tones of the cake: neutrals, powder blues and indigo.

The backlight coming from the window showcases nicely the texture in the layers of the cake.



Hamachi Raw taken at Somm by

Ok, yes, this is not a dessert but it looks like one for the precision in the composition of the dish and the delicacy of the colour combination.

What we like about this photo is the complete focus on the volume of the food and the harmony of colours in the centre of the image, framed by a predominance of neutral colours around the dish. Just to make sure that our eyes do get stuck onto that masterpiece of flavours and ingredients.

We went to SOMM for breakfast yesterday but we may have to go back for dinner!

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