Dishtaggers of the week #8

Posted on June 1, 2020 by admin

As Hong Kong continues the careful process to re-open, we have been so excited to see new foodies join our community and share their latest food moments on the Dishtag app. Here are some of our favourite pictures shared by our dishtaggers this week.

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Homemade Canelés taken by @hkgf00die at their home kitchen

We open this week’s dishtag favourites with a beautiful homemade creation by Charmaine & Sonia: canelés!

Thumbs up for the effort in baking at home such a sophisticated pastry. Judging from this great snap, it looks like they achieved results worthy of a fine dining French restaurant!

We love how they captured the essence of this pastry showing the crispy golden textured outside layer and the soft bubbly pastry on the inside. This image is so powerful in its minimalism: subject in the centre, no props, neutral background colours, diagonal line of the table edge in the background that gives depth to the image and focuses the attention on the subject.

So is this impressive result thanks to a talented baker or a skilled photographer? We think both!





Cinnamon Bun at Baked by @hkxfood

Another mouth-watering baked good photo made it to the top this week.

We are big fans of the angle of this photo, taken from the diner’s point of view. It feels that those lucky hands holding the sweet bun are actually ours (we wish!).

The cinnamon bun texture is perfectly showcased in this photo and highlighted by the colourful blue & orange background.





Agnolotti del Plin taken at Angelini, Kowloon Shangri-La by @sikfeinei

Agnolotti Del Plin” brings back so many childhood memories as this dish is typical of our Dishtag team’s hometown. It’s a type of ravioli (dumplings), traditionally filled with veal & pork and seasoned with butter sauce or roast beef jus sauce.

These plin in particular are captured to perfection: the 45 degree angle is optimal to showcase this dish: the light source coming from the back creates some lovely highlights, and exposes nicely the grated cheese and the beautiful shape of the agnolotti.

Thanks for bringing us back to our beloved Italy Alanna!




Lobster Spaghetti taken at Ichu Peru by @eatingindistress

It’s been a while since we featured a nice dark & moody picture… This is a great example of how colours and noncolours (AKA black & white) can bring life to an image.

The dark background and dark plate surrounding the food create the perfect harmony to draw all our attention to the colourful spaghetti. The light coming strongly from the right side creates some sort of sacred halo and beautiful contrast that outlines the intricate curves of the pasta.

Well done Rachel!

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