Dishtaggers of the week #7

Posted on May 25, 2020 by admin

As Hong Kong continues the careful process to re-open, we have been so excited to see new foodies join our community and share their latest food moments on the Dishtag app. Here are some of our favourite pictures shared by our dishtaggers this week. Featuring a lifestyle apple toast, smoked salmon, and one of our all time faves….PASTA!!

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Apple Toast taken at Bone Studio by @wtsinurmouth

We always encourage our fellow foodies to snap a picture featuring details of the restaurant interiors to give character and context to the image. This shot is a great example of it: we love that Minnie decided to capture the apple toast including some characters in the background and opted for a lifestyle shot, with her hands (or friend’s hand) holding the dish.

On a photography point of view, noting excellent use of natural light coming from one side of the image. Perfect focus on the food and play on angles with the holding arm coming diagonally from the bottom of the frame.

Everything in this image looks just so hipster and cool, loving it!





Bacon Carbonara taken at Double Shot by Cupping Room by @mkonlyeats

No doubt one of our favourite dishes of all time, this bacon carbonara couldn’t have been captured better!

Love the use of a 45 degree angle that showcases well the volume of the spaghetti and all the dimensions of this dish. Great use of back lighting which enhances even more the texture of the pasta and the bacon. The hand holding the fork in the dish is a lovely addition to draw our attention to the subject, and make us want to dig into that plate too!

Bravo Karina!




Smoked Salmon Quinoa taken ay Twnety One From Eight by @eatwickedly

This salmon dish photo is definitely our kind of picture. Simple styling, zero props, 100% focus on the food.

We are so pleased to see a lovely example of really close-up top shot that plays on the rule of thirds: keeping our eyes on the food but decentering the subject to make the image more interesting and dynamic.

The brightness of the orange tones of the salmon complements really well with the green of the herbs, to create a beautiful summer dish.

Who said we need props to create a well-styled image?



Cypriot Salad taken at Artemis & Apollo by @gemsfoood

When we look at this image, we instantly think of a beautiful mediterranean spread: we have dips, fresh veggies, soup and salad!

All the dishes are disposed to form soft curved lines which create movement in the image, with the diagonal line of the edge of the table in the background perfectly framing this harmony of curves.

Light comes bright from the left side creating a strong contrast that always works well in food photography.

We can’t help but ask ourselves when we’ll get the chance to spend a summer in Greece… In the meantime Artemis & Apollo will do!

Thanks for inspiring us Gemma.

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