dishtagger of the week 6

Dishtaggers of the week #6

Posted on May 15, 2020 by admin

As Hong Kong began the careful process to re-open this week, we have been so excited to see new foodies join our community and share their latest food moments on the Dishtag app. Here are some of our favourite pictures shared by our dishtaggers this week. Featuring a stunning home made focaccia, some #eggporn, and an epic photo of a trending coffee (can you guess where?).

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Homemade Focaccia Bread taken at @hongkong_insider’s Home Kitchen

This focaccia bread is a great example of a formidable home-baker using the dishtag app to tag dishes from “My Home Kitchen“. This photo is also a great example of a skilled food photographer! We love the contrast of highlights and shadows, combined with the warm colours of the dough and the cherry tomatoes. And the composition is on point, as diagonal lines help create dynamism in the image. We also love the added olive oil and balsamic on the side. Great use of props!

The texture of the focaccia is perfectly showcased thanks to the warm and bright natural light coming from the right. Getting such a delicate ray of light can be quite difficult in HK’s cramped urban-scape…

Janice, please share your lighting secrets, or tell us which apartment block you live in:)


Orleans-style Iced Coffee on Tap taken at Blue Bottle by @florrieeats

Florrie’s place in the list of top dishtaggers this week is well deserved. Not only did she capture a simple take-away coffee in such an appealing way, but also she put up with the massive queue at trending Blue Bottle coffee.

The composition is out of the ordinary, yet super balanced. The diagonal line of the grey ledge cuts through the middle of the pic and draws our attention to the right of the image where the coffee is placed.

But the stand out element of this image is the lighting: the subject is literally “in the spotlight”. Florrie managed to capture a beautiful moment where the sun was directly hitting the cup. It sort of makes it look like there’s a sacred aura around the coffee!

So, maybe that is why this place is so popular?


Spirulina bowl taken at Little Cove Espresso by @myfoodcravingsxx

Here it is, one of the most picture-worthy millennial food trends: SMOOTHIE BOWLS. This one taken at Little Cove Espresso

In this photo, the spirulina bowl is definitely the centre of attention. Framed by symmetrical hands, the bowl features a variety of different ingredients, textures, and complementary colours. The beautiful straight lines drawn by the placement of the healthy ingredients made this shot really stand out in our feed.

A combo that pleases not only our taste buds but also our very envious and critical food photographer eyes!

Beautiful job Carly.



Spanish Omelette taken at Cassio by @followmetoeat_

After being inspired by @clai-eats’s #eggporn photo in our interview this week, we just had to include an egg dish in our latest favourites.

We love how Kitty cut off a bit of the omelette to showcase the filling, and the all important yolk oozing onto the plate. She also made great use of table elements to create the background and add depth to the image. Again, great use of props!

This juicy omelette photo was not only chosen for its beauty…

It also made us very happy to see a food photo tagged once again at Cassio now it has re-opened its doors!

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