Dishtaggers of the week #5

Posted on May 8, 2020 by admin

dishtagger of the week #5 dishtagger of the week #5 dishtagger of the week #5 dishtagger of the week #5

As Hong Kong re-opens and we all get set to responsibly head back to dining out again in restaurants, our favourite foodies have already started using the latest version of the Dishtag app to upload photos from their latest dining moments.

Here are some of our favourite pictures (AKA Dishtags) of the week. We will be featuring the best photos uploaded to Dishtag every week on our blog and in our newsletter!

Our app was developed with the purpose of sharing dining experiences with foodie friends. So why not begin today and start uploading your favourite food photos from this weekend – maybe your Mother’s Day lunch – and get the chance to be featured.

Poached Eggs & Smashed Avocado Sourdough taken at ?Brew Bros Coffee by @foodraah

This shot is so simple, yet so powerful and tells us so much! It makes us think of an intimate and spontaneous Sunday morning brunch.

Beautiful play on hard shadow and direct sunlight, mind you, it’s not an easy one to achieve!

The tendency of the neutral colours to hit that warmer note are also on point, perfect to communicate a mellow and intimate environment.

Great job Emily!





Stir fried beef with egg taken at ?White Court Cafe by @meow_foodie_log

These days we’re a bit obsessed by her majesty Natural Light, maybe it’s our subconscious longing for some direct sunlight and fresh air… we haven’t been out much in the past 8 weeks!

the backlighting in this picture works well to highlight the texture of the beef and the katsu curry omelette, beautifully blurred in the background.

We love how the two dishes are placed in a diagonal line with focus on the foreground.

Nice composition and good use of natural light, defo a winner!



Peking Duck taken at ?The Graces Restaurant by @sy.jour

This photo reminds us of a beautiful Renaissance still-life painting…of course with the Oriental influences!

All the elements are placed in a very natural manner but perfectly balanced. The subject of this picture (THE DUCK) is placed off-centre but it’s still the hero of the composition, as all the elements are placed on the opposite side of the scene.

In her comment Moon says that Chinese food always surprises her. Well, she has definitely surprised us! Excellent photo!




Pulled Chicken Tacos taken at ?Limewood by @bhonuhk

This week was Cinco de Mayo on a Tuesday, which makes it also Taco Tuesday so we couldn’t not feature a taco pic as one our weekly favourites!

Good 45 degree angle which works well for food that is non-so-tall but not-so-flat either like tacos.

Also loving the colour combination of the colourful plate, the green herbs and the bright yellow of the corn at the back.

Muy bien Nigel!




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