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Dishtaggers of the week #4

Posted on April 29, 2020 by admin

The latest version of the Dishtag app is getting downloads on the App Store and Google Play and more of our favourite foodies have started using it to upload their best dining memories!

Here are some of our favourite pictures (AKA Dishtags) of the week. We will be featuring the best photos uploaded to Dishtag every week on our blog and in our newsletter!

Our app was developed with the purpose of sharing dining experiences with foodie friends. So why not begin today and start uploading your favourite food photos from your photo archive and get the chance to be featured.

Yellowtail Carpaccio taken at Aqua by @majorinfood

If there’s a sushi photo that makes you drool, well this is the one!

Love the 45 degree angle of the pic and the plate also positioned at an angle so that the full volume of these beautiful slices of sushi is showcased.

Noticeable use of backlighting which highlights the marble texture of the fish. Plus use of complementary colours: the black/blue plate perfectly complements the pink/orange tones of the food.

Keep up the great work Rhea!




Seafood Paella taken at Bayfare Social by @whatfoodbabyeats

This seafood paella looks so good that it seems the picture was taken by a professional!

Super sleek dark background with source of light coming from one side creating lovely specular highlights and darker tones on the opposite side.

And the colours of the food are so beautifully bright giving the seafood a fresh and juicy look. Seafoodelicious!





Shack Burger & Fries taken at Shake Shack by @sajyu86

Well well… A good burger pic is probably the most appealing of all!

Sally did a great job here in capturing this burger freshly made, with the cheese melting.

We like that she used our tips on repetition of elements and photographed two burgers placed in a row. This is a great example of a photo with minimal use of props and very simple composition but great use of angles and virtual line in the scene.



Afternoon Tea taken at DK Cuppa Tea by @fmchan

Last but not least, Rex transports us in a chapter of Alice in Wonderland with this great shot of afternoon tea.

He chose the perfect angle for this scene, where he decided to feature his dining companion too, who seems was dressed for the occasion with a pastel plaid skirt and a Victorian-looking shirt sleeve.

The composition is done impeccably too: lovely the use of lines and angles featuring the edges of the marble table and tray & cups placed diagonally. Also we are pleased to see a balanced placement of objects and empty spaces in the scene.





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