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Dishtaggers of the week #3

Posted on April 24, 2020 by admin

The latest version of the Dishtag app is getting downloads on the App Store and Google Play and more of our favourite foodies have started using it to upload their best dining memories!

Here are some of our favourite pictures (AKA Dishtags) of the week. We will be featuring the best photos uploaded to Dishtag every week on our blog and in our newsletter!

Our app was developed with the purpose of sharing dining experiences with foodie friends. So why not begin today and start uploading your favourite food photos from your photo archive and get the chance to be featured.

Dishtag photos of the week

Grey Latte taken at Matchali by @skeatravelife

We open this week’s favourites with another beautiful coffee shot. We love the dynamism that the three hands in the shot create holding the cookies and the latte. It looks like they are moving even though they are not!

The predominantly neutral background in grey tones lets the colour of the cookies and latte cup stand out in the image. And the light coming from the side highlights the contour of the three beautiful hands.

Great work Serena!





Dark Side Croissant taken at Big Grains by @sharemyfoodd

Did we mention before that we love a good lifestyle shot?! This in particular showcases an everyday moment in such a powerful way that it makes us re-live the instant when the picture was taken.

The angle of the photo featuring part of the shop’s glass window is portrayed perfectly. And the background depicting the street with a car passing by contributes to the “story” that this image is telling us.

Also, the croissant looks so delicious that we wish we could actually re-live this moment, right now, and have a bite of it!

Thanks for making us drool Jojo!




Duck & Waffle taken at Duck & Waffle by @rachelctheworld

We love the dark and moody feel of this shot and the super close up angle that highlights really well the three layers of this juicy dish: waffle, duck leg and fried egg.

Rachel captured perfectly the moment the maple syrup drops on the dish which makes the image even more attractive.

Sorry we’ve gotta go… Just popping to IFC real quick to get an order of that!






Truffle Tagliatelle taken at Pirata by @vikkichoi

This photo is such a simple yet perfectly balanced example of a good pasta image.

45 degree angle is a great choice to feature the volume of the pasta and the various textures of the dish. Also we like how Vikki chose to put the bread basket in the background (great use of props!) and captured the diagonal line of the table edge which gives depth to the image.

Well executed Vikki!





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