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Dishtaggers of the week #2

Posted on April 15, 2020 by admin


The latest version of the Dishtag app is getting downloads on the App Store and Google Play and more of our favourite foodies have started using it to upload their best dining memories!

Here are some of our favourite pictures (AKA Dishtags) of the week. We will be featuring the best photos uploaded to Dishtag every week on our blog and in our newsletter!

Our app was developed with the purpose of sharing dining experiences with foodie friends. So why not begin today and start uploading your favourite food photos from your photo archive and get the chance to be featured.

Dishtag photos of the week

Sesame latte, hojia latte & oatmeal rasin cookie, taken at Lungo by @_c.andre

This photo is great for so many reasons!

1. It showcases something as simple as coffee but in such a beautiful way that makes us want that right now!

2. Andre nailed the composition here: if we try to draw lines on all the elements in the photo we can see clearly the perfect intersection of 45 degree-angle lines coming from different direction that form more angles when they meet. See table position, floor patter, the line that the two coffees create, the phone at an angle.

3. Good use of empty space as part of a balance composition, see top right corner of the image.

4. Desaturated colours create a feeling of calmness that goes perfectly with the ritual of coffee.


Taco Platter taken at Brickhouse by @clai_eats

We chose this photo as one of our week’s favourites because we are transported to Mexico just by seeing the brightness of the colours in this picture!

A taco platter could be a hard one to shoot (especially as side shot) as it could look “messy” given the number of ingredients that compose this dish. In this case though, Calvin did a magnificent job in capturing the essence of this dish making it look very appealing.

Well done!




Black truffle brioche, taken at Campsite by @ericsgeography

We love the super close up angle of this pic that feature perfectly the “petit” items that are part of this dish.

We also like the way that Eric chose to showcase the items, at an optimal angle that showcase both the cubic shape of the brioche but also the star-ingredient which is the truffle at the top.

Last but not least, we love how the texture of the wooden plate creates depth in the image.

Great job Eric!



Millefeulle taken at Belon by @foodievez

Four incredibly flaky airy pastries stacked with a scrumptious vanilla cream filling ?” – says Evelyne about Belon’s millefeuille dessert.

We feel that her photo is the exact translation of her words in image, that’s why we love it! The image perfectly showcases all the four layers of the cake, the “flaky” texture of the pastry and the soft vanilla cream that just make you drool!!

Also we love the bokeh effect* in the background that creates an elegant mood in the image and reflects well the vibe of a high-end restaurant like Belon.

*What is bokeh effect?: the effect of a soft out-of-focus background that often features highlights and light sources with a peculiar and pleasant out-of-focus blur.


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