Dishtaggers of The Week #15

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With the recent escalation of events and the new social distancing measures in place in Hong Kong, we feel the need to indulge in an overload of sugar to keep up our mood. For this week’s Dishtaggers of the Week, we feature all things desserts!

Take a look below at the best of what of our foodie community “dish-tagged” this week on our app. Congratulations to those featured and thank you to all who contributed to our growing community this week.

In the hope that things return to “normality” soon, we choose to dine responsibly and wish that our fellow foodies stay safe and do the same. Use our app to keep up-to-date with where foodies feel safe eating out for lunch and what they are munching at home with the new “no dinner service” measures now in place.

As a reminder, we feature the best 4 photos uploaded to our app every week in this blogpost, and announce the winners on Instagram. Why not start uploading your favourite food photos from your archive or taken this week and get the chance to be featured next week?

Brioche French Toast taken at Bakehouse by @Mariona

We open this week’s top Dishtags with an image of something sweet that makes us happy by just looking at it.

Mariona managed to capture all of the beautiful layers and texture of this yummy french toast making it look so soft and fragrant. The colourful berries complement nicely the warm tone of the dough, and we love the overall “summer palette” of this image.

Thanks Mariona for the inspiration, we may try to recreate this at home!

Chocolate & Banana Tart taken at Simply Life by @chufooddiaries

Our regular Dishtagger Venus makes it to the top for the second time in the past two months. And I mean, can you blame us for featuring her with this cake that is just screaming “eat me now!”

We like the use of artificial light to showcase the side of this slice of cake with all its layers displayed beautifully. We can visualise the textures of the different ingredients very clearly and this makes us want to devour this beauty right away.

Ultimately, making us want to eat the dish is the purpose of food photography, so…you nailed it Venus!

Afternoon Tea Set taken @Isola by @_helenslens_

If you’ve been following us you know that we LOVE a good afternoon tea set: multiple selection of delicious and gorgeous looking cakes, a touch of savoury, and possibly good company. Afternoon tea just makes us so happy!

In this shot by @_helenslens_ there is a great use of angle which features so well the savouries at the bottom and the beautiful shapes of the sweets on top. The lighting is perfect, with a nice natural flare that makes this image bright an airy.

Seeing this photo on the Dishtag feed made us smile, and we do need a mood boost this week. Thumbs up Helen!

Iced Latte taken at Fuel Espresso by @wtsinurmouth

Ok this is not a dessert but we loved the photo and the message in the caption and we want to second that!

This shot is a great example of how angle, composition and dark moody light can transform a simple coffee into a very powerful image. We love how @wtsinurmouth played around with the lines in the wooden table. She created perspective and the illusion of arrows pointing at the subjects of the photo.

A powerful image & powerful caption go hand in hand. Stay home & stay healthy Hong Kong!

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