Dishtaggers of The Week #14

Posted on July 16, 2020 by admin


With the new social distancing measures in place in Hong Kong, we were sad to miss out on the Bastille Day celebrations on Tuesday (huge holiday in France which also means indulging in great French food). On a positive note, we were pleased to see a lot of new foodies and regular dishtaggers using our app and posting their dining experiences (most likely pre-new-measures).

Take a look below at what they “dishtagged”, and follow them and other foodies on the Dishtag app to keep up to date with where foodies are eating lunch and what they are munching at home with the new “no dinner service” measures now in place.

In the hope that things go back to normality soon, we choose to dine responsibly and wish that our fellow foodies do the same!

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Vanilla Mille-feuille taken at Louise by @tastetheworldz

To virtually celebrate Bastille Day this week we start our (also virtual) meal with one of the most iconic French desserts: mille-feuille. Captured beautifully and with spontaneous flare here in Zac’s photo.

We like the angle which features well both the different layers of the dessert and the ice cream on top. The natural light of Louise’s charming outdoor dining gives this image a lovely and warm feeling of summer. Loving the use of sunglasses and a plant as props that contribute to an effortless but cool look. Everything in here just screams “catch the first plane to St. Tropez!!”… Oh right, we can’t!

Thanks Zac for making us live this French Riviera dream!

Sea Urchin Pasta taken at Dough Kitchen by @ktaeats

We were so pleased when this beautiful photo popped up on our feed, and thought “Wow, we do have some really talented foodies here in our community!”

This pasta dish photo seems like its taken from a professional shoot: perfectly lit, with a good balance of highlights and shadows that retain the lovely texture of the noodles. The off-centre top shot angle accentuates the curved lines of the plate that frame the food in such a harmonic way.

Looking at this image we automatically feel relaxed, almost like the sensation you get after eating an earthy pasta dish.

Amazing execution KTAeats!


Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao taken at Paradise Dynasty by @angelatastebud

Xiao Long Bao are one of our favourite foods in all senses. They are delicious and highly photogenic! The foie gras ones pictured here are a lovely example of perfectly hand-crafted xiao long baos.

Using an old-time favourite technique of lifting one of the food items in the plate with chopsticks, (AKA the “bao-lift”) Angela puts full focus on the hero of the image, and it also angles it in the right way to fully showcase the beautiful curved lines of the dough.

We sure hope to try these beauties at our next (responsible) take away or dine-in lunch.

Chitarrino al Tartufo Nero taken at LucAle by @f00dforlife_

This week we chose to feature one of our regular dishtagger as this nood-lift can’t be ignored in the Dishtag feed, plus it’s taken at one of our new favourite Italian restos, LucAle.

Loving the angle of the pic, which features part of the restaurant trendy interiors in the background and complements well the warm colour of the spaghetti to make them stand out. We also agree on the two handed spaghetti lift, mamma-style, which shows us this dish in all its textural details.

We wish Myra were to serve that on our plate right now!

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