Dishtaggers of The Week #13

Posted on July 10, 2020 by admin


We are very excited to see so many new passionate foodies using our Dishtag app to share their food memories. Take a look below at what they “dishtagged”, and follow them and other foodies on the Dishtag app to keep up to date with what is hot in Hong Kong.

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Carbonara Pizza taken at The Pizza Project by @holhomei

This week is all about The Pizza Project and the opening of their second location on Star Street, Wan Chai. We love to see how many fellow dishtaggers like their pizza as much as we do!

This is a great example of a lifestyle shot, using a hand to grab a slice of heaven. Holhomei used the perfect angle that features well the texture of the pizza and of all the toppings, to give a sense of 3 dimensions in the image.

Extra points for customising the image with text to make sure that the next time we are at the restaurant we remember the name of  this beautiful CARBONARA pizza.

Pad Tai taken at Milu Thai by @852japjapjap

With the weather in Hong Kong being so benevolent lately, we are very much in the mood for summery Thai dishes, to the point that we rounded up our favourites here.

We are also happy to discover new beautiful Thai dishes in town thanks to our dishtaggers’ great pictures: this pad tai shot by Jap looks so delicious!

We love the 45 degree angle featuring nicely the silhouette of the prawns. Also digging the contrast of the bright and warm colours of the food with the blurred urban-scape in the background. Makes the dish pop!

Well done Jap, keep up the good work and the research on awesome Thai restaurants to try this summer!

Watermelon Strawberry Cake taken at Lifetastic by @_fromjessica

Lifetastic was one of the first restaurants listed on Dishtag. After over two years of knowing well their dishes, we still can’t get over the look and taste of this watermelon strawberry cake.

Jessica shot it with the best possible angle, a lower 45 degree, to show the pretty rose petal garnish at the top but also the combination of different layers which is the highlight of the cake. By looking at this image we are already picturing the journey of our spoon cutting through the rose petals and strawberry layer and slowly go down to grab the soft creamy layers underneath to finish with a crunchy biscuit base.

Thanks Jessica for making us dream of this dessert… In case you’re looking for us, you’ll probably find us at Lifetastic for tea time today!

High Tea Set taken at Vibes by @cafefoodsnap

At Dishtag we can’t resist when it comes to cakes, especially if they are presented to us with our favourite angle… Top shot table spread like the ones pictured here.

We love the vibe of this picture with pastel colour tones and beautiful cakes topped with flowers that transport us into a fairytale. The composition is very curated and symmetrical to create balance in the image, and the blurred plants in the background create a sense of depth.

Great shot @cafefoodsnap!

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