Dishtaggers of the week #11

Posted on June 23, 2020 by admin

As the Hong Kong foodie scene pops now the Government finally rolls back social distancing measures, we have seen a hive of activity on our app feed this week. So for this latest edition of “Dishtaggers of the Week”, rather than just choose from the new foodies to our platform, we decided to feature two regular users of our app, who have continued posting great pics that kept popping up in our feed and we couldn’t ignore them!

So this week we have 2 new Dishtaggers, 2 existing members of the community, and we have featured 2 posts from the same venue – Appendix Coffee & Bar, which seems to be very popular amongst the food blogging community. Go check it out and post your own food moments on the Dishtag app!

As a reminder to you all, we feature the best photos uploaded to our app every week across our blog, newsletter and Instagram. Start uploading your favourite food photos from the upcoming public holiday long weekend  – and get the chance to be featured next week!!

For now, we wish all Dishtaggers a happy Dragon Boat festival, enjoy!

Australian Wagyu Beef Burger, taken at Appendix Coffee & Bar by @f00dforlife_

This week, made it to the top one of anyone’s favourite food: THE BURGER.

Myra captured it perfectly: 45 degree angle which shows the melty cheese at the top but also the multiple layers of this dish. Colour wise, we love the choice of backdrop, a neutral copper that slightly camouflage with the wooden board where the dish is placed in. This allows our hungry eyes to focus solely on the juicy layers of the burger, crispy bacon included!

Wonderful job Myra!


Lamb chops taken at  LPM Restaurant & Bar by @foodiewm

Great photography work for these juicy Grilled Lamb Cutlets. We love the way the plate is angled in the shot so that the pieces of lamb create a beautiful curved line in perspective.

The light coming from the back accentuates the texture of the meat and creates a nice contrast of highlights and shadows that adds depth to the photo.

Annesa chooses LPM for her birthday meal… We have to second that and looking forward to our birthday to do the same!



Garlic Prawns taken at Appendix Coffee & Bar @_dine.log

Appendix Coffee Bar seem like a popular spot amongst our foodie friends, as another dish from their menu made it to the top this week.

And you might have noticed that our last week’s Dishtagger of the week, Blue, made it again to this list. She kept posting more stunning photos on the Dishtag app including this succulent garlic prawn dish that just jumped out while scrolling on our dishtag feed.

The bright colours of the prawns, the sharpness of the image and the great composition amongst other dishes on the table left us no choice but to feature her again.

Well done Blue!

Afternoon Tea Set in collab with Cookie DPT, taken at Café Grey Upper House by @eatwickedly

We have another Dishtag aficionado who made it to the top dishtaggers this week with a stunning pic of on of the most luxurious afternoon tea sets in town!

The abundance of natural light creates the perfect light and airy setting for an afternoon tea shot. The brightness of this picture complements nicely the pastel colour of the pastries.

We like how the restaurant and the HK urban-scape are blurred in the background which gives this shot a lovely and spontaneous “lifestyle” vibe.




We feature the best photos uploaded to our app every week across our blog, newsletter and Instagram, so why not join our community today. Start uploading your favourite food photos from the upcoming weekend  – and get the chance to be featured next week.

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