Dishtaggers of the week #10

Posted on June 16, 2020 by admin

We have been so excited to see new foodies join our community and share their latest food moments on the Dishtag app. Here are some of our favourite pictures shared by our dishtaggers this week.

Chocolate Frappuccino with doughnut, taken at Hooman by The Sea by @_dine.log

We know that our super foodies, AKA dishtaggers love to explore all the hip cafes that populate Hong Kong’s urban-scape. This frappuccino taken at Hooman by The Sea is such a stunning example of café/lifestyle photography. As Blue rightly says in her caption, we are very sure “everyone wants to have one” of these beauties.

Natural light makes this image airy and spontaneous giving us the sense of re-living the moment when the picture was taken, with the Hooman signage featured at the back to add narrative to the image. This is a case of literal “thumbs up” 👍 for the photography skills!


Sushi taken at Daigo by Mori Tomoaki by @imdavidwong

This Thursday will be Interational Sushi Day so we HAD to include a beautiful photo of sushi in our weekly picks. We chosen this image as it reflects perfectly the essence of the ancient art of sushi: focus on ingredients, simplicity and balance of flavours.

The fish is definitely the focus in this image, placed right in the centre at a very close up angle to highlight the sharp texture of the fish slice and a tiny bit of the rice at the bottom.

Great shot Una!




Sugarcane Smoked Pigeon taken at VEA by @chufooddiaries

Seeing this shot in the Dishtag feed reminded us how long it has been since our last visit to VEA! We promise to visit again soon!

Everything in this image stimulates our virtual taste buds: the bright colour of a perfectly cooked pigeon fillet, the texture of quinoa garnish on top, the juice on the side balancing the composition. The 45 degree angle is a great choice that allows us to visually enjoy all the different textures of this dish.

Bravo Venus!



招牌滷肉飯便當 taken at 囍筷 by @chellescorner

We love the playfulness of this shot, featuring the restaurant’s signature Post-It wall which happens to perfectly match the colour of the egg yolk of this popular Taiwanese dish.

The angle of the photo features the restaurant bar from a lovely perspective which gives depth to the image. This is accentuated further by the use of repetition of more than one of the same dishes in a row. This creates lines that balance the composition and make our eyes stick to the hero of the shot, always THE FOOD.

Great job Chelle!




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