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Best pizzas in Hong Kong

Posted on April 27, 2020 by admin

Pizzas look so good and as I am sure 99.9% of you know, pizza also tastes so bloody good. And in the 852 we have a lot of tasty pizza, and some incredibly dedicated and talented pizzaiolos. Mamma mia!

As a food photography platform, we are fortunate enough to have photographed and eaten our fair share (and more) of pizza. But while we don’t publish pizza star ratings or rank pizza restaurants on our platform, we do debate the best pizza (a lot). And we know you guys enjoy the debate too.

You are thinking of your favourite pizza right now, aren’t you?

If you are you should read on as we have some gorgeous looking pizza images taken by professional food photographers to inspire your next delivery or pizza out. Now you are thinking about your favourite pizza, aren’t you?

So if you haven’t already stopped reading and skipped to your favourite delivery app to order your “go to pizza”, we hope our list can add to your debate as to what is the best pizza in Hong Kong. And if your favourite is not included, we would to know what it is. Email us at

Stay safe and healthy, and don’t forget to tag your best pizza moments on the Dishtag app.

The bacon and egg pizza

What a better way to start the list of best looking pizza restaurants than with a pizza you can legitimately eat for breakfast. This beauty at The Pizza Project is made with pancetta and quail egg and not classic bacon and egg you would find on a traditional English Breakfast, but I am sure that would taste good too on this crunchy pizza base!

the pizza project dishtag
The Pizza Project, Carbonara Pizza: pancetta, quail eggs, tomato sauce and fior di latte. Photography Credits: Pirata Group
The pizza you would eat off the floor

There’s a great story about this famous photoshoot at 208 back in 2018 when someone may have had a bite of a pizza that had been photographed on the floor. Email us for more details. We don’t usually photograph food on the floor, but this colourful Calabrese looks epic on this tiled B&W backdrop. Recommend eating from a plate though.

208 Duecento Otto, Calabrese Pizza: Tomato base, mozzarella, scarmorza, eggplant, salami, n’duja, basil. Photography Credits: DIshtag
The Starfish pizza

No, it’s not really a Starfish, this is anchovy placed like a Starfish. For the record, we at Dishtag don’t recommend eating Starfish and would refuse to photograph any Starfish pizzas. Just like we refused to photograph Shark Fin. This bold creation is snapped at Barbacio and has the benefit of stunning natural light from their epic terrace where less powerful pizzas than the Puttanesca are also served.

babacio dishtag
Babacio, Puttanesca Pizza. Tomato base, mozzarella, anchovies, olives, capers. Photography credit: Babacio
The one everyone wants

Manners go out of the window when there’s only one slice of the Soppressata Piccante at a social event (with or without more than 4 people). Even in this photo someone is treating themselves to a huge slice of this pizza. Caught in the act! We’ve all been there (maybe not our vegetarian readers).

motorino dishtag
Motorino, Soppressata Piccante. Tomato Sauce / Fior Di Latte / Fresh Chili / Garlic / Oregano / Pecorino / E.V. Olive Oil. Photography Credits: Dishtag
Simple things in life. Classic Margherita and beer.

How perfect to end the list of best looking pizzas with a picture of a classically beautiful Margherita pizza & a beer. 3 basil leaves, crispy crust, cold beer. Inspired yet?

homeslice dishtag
Homeslice Margherita: tomato base, mozzarella, basil. Photography Credits: Homeslice
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