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Best desserts in Hong Kong

Posted on April 21, 2020 by admin

Check out this list of gorgeous looking dessert images taken by professional food photographers to inspire your next sweet moment out or at home. Whatever you choose to be your next dessert, enjoy that moment. You deserve it. And enjoy the debate with foodie friends about the best looking desserts in Hong Kong.

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The Bao

The picture perfect bao has to be the first on the list of the best looking Hong Kong desserts. If any of you Hong Kongers haven’t tried and/or taken a photo of one of these yet, I think you are technically not classified as a Hong Konger. Not available on Little Bao‘s delivery, but a beautiful dessert to get you through your next visit to Causeway Bay.

littlebao dishtag
Little Bao: Salted ice cream bao, with caramel source. Photography Credits: Little Bao
The cake and ice cream

No matter how much you want to look at (and eat) the cake, I imagine you are also drawn to the traditional Italian rug in the background. I think you can even make out chef Gianni’s family crest if you look close enough. Simple torta, but yet so enticing. Deliziosa!

Già Trattoria Italiana: Torta Caprese. Photography Credits: Dishtag
The logo mould

When a caramelised white chocolate and miso ice cream dessert is crafted so perfectly, yes you can stamp your logo onto it. Approved! Served with homemade pear compote not pictured but would look good on that golden spoon. The big question is, would you eat letter by letter?

roganic dishtag
Roganic: The Roganic dessert. Photography credit: Roganic
The take me to the tropical island dessert

What many of us would give to be surrounded by the beautiful colours of Bali at this very moment, right? Unfortunately it may be a while until any of us are flying back to that magical island, but hopefully this beautifully captured pandan dessert could give you a flashback to those epic Bali trips. And we will fly again!

poem dishtag
Poem: Pandan coconut crepes filled with crispy mango, coconut gel, pandan cremeux and fresh herb sorbet. Photography Credit: Dishtag
The soon-to-be-destroyed Millefuille

The Millefuille has to be included in a best looking dessert list. If only because after 1 second the whole thing is destroyed as you cut into the top layer. We’ve all been there. So cherish the picture of the entire creation in all its glory. And enjoy mouthful by mouthful if you are inspired to try.

belon dishtag
Belon: Millefuille. Photography Credits: Black Sheep Restaurants
The in-the-process of being destroyed

Stunning lifestyle capture of the LPM cheesecake, minus a mouthful. Clearly the food photographers couldn’t resist treating themselves. To both cake and coffee. And why not a chocolate to finish.

le petite maison dishtag
La Petite Maison: Gâteau au Fromage Frais. Photography Credits: La Petite Maison
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