Best dishes Wyndham Street and Hollywood Road restaurants

Posted on January 8, 2021 by Raffaella Bichiri

This dish guide features restaurants stretching along Hollywood Road all the way to where Wyndham meets Glenealy. With Italian restaurants, Thai walk-ins, coffee shops, bars, Indian restaurants and smoke houses, Wyndham Street and Hollywood have a lot to offer Hong Kong foodies. Read on to discover our list of the best dishes from our fave restaurants.

Truffle Ravioli @ 208 Duecento Otto

For over a decade, 208 has been serving the city’s most awarded Napoletana pizzas, alongside a brand new menu of dishes that are prepared using the freshest ingredients, and a sensitivity towards sustainability by Verona-born Chef Zeno Bevilacqua. The celebrated interiors and open-air dining space of 208 stand out at the start of Hollywood, while the good food and relaxed environment attract a loyal crowd. The pizza at 208 is always a winner, also when delivered to your home. Signature pizzas include I Diavoli and Salsiccia and also seasonal pizzas at $208. Non pizza options include Boston Lobster Spaghetti and Green Zucchini Parmigiana with Scamorza Cheese.

Truffle Ravioli – Photography credits: JIA Group


Maguro Sushi @ UMI

4th generation sushi Chef Kimijima-San is behind the Omakase menu at UMI, a hidden ten-seat sushi bar serving up a traditional Edomae sushi experience, Tradition, sophistication and dedication to a craft are on full display at UMI, which takes Hongkongers on a contemporary journey through a centuries old practice. The beautiful Omakase menu includes maguro sushi, flounder and kanpachi. Chef shared more about the art of sushi in this interview.

Photography Credits: DIshtag. Omakase menu

Tagliatelle – Cornerstone

Cornerstone is a modern Western restaurant in Central, helmed by the 2 proteges of celebrity chef Shane Osborn. The establishment prides itself on the great produce, modest cooking and value for money. The menu is seasonal, featuring the freshest ingredients. Signatures include tagliatelle and jumbo quail.

Photography Credits: DIshtag. Tagliatelle, Semolina, smoked sausage, mushroom, pea

Jalapeno Poppers @ Burger Circus

The classic burger usually takes the limelight at the All American Diner Burger Circus, but a real standout and a fave with Hong Kong foodies are these Jalapeno Poppers. With Cream Cheese Filling and a perfect Ranch Dip, these delicious treats are perfect to add to any delivery order to accompany Netflix & Chill. This popular burger spot boasts a retro looking interior and funky vibe alongside an array of satisfying burger options. As well as burgers, the Black Sheep eatery is also famous for its colourful milkshakes and mouth-watering snacks. Signatures include spicy chicken burger, double burger and 1/2 dozen wings.

burger circus dishtag
Photography Credits: Black Sheep Restaurants. Jalapeno Poppers

Wagyu Seekh Kebab @ Chaiwala

Chaiwala is an Modern Indian restaurant in Central from Pirata Group, serving a menu spanning the breadth and depth of India. Consisting of three distinct spaces, the chai bar-inspired restaurant offers a dramatic background of creativity for a lively meal. Chaiwala’s contemporary Indian cuisine focuses on vibrant colours and an abundant selection of small plates and courses to share. Signatures include pani puri with jal-jeera, kerala fish curry and wagyu seekh kebab with beef mince, aromatic spices, peppers & onions, naan bread, cucumber yoghurt, tamarind and chutney. Available a la carte and also as part of the Chaiwala lunch menu.

Photography Credits: Pirata Group. Wagyu Seekh Kebab with beef mince, aromatic spices, peppers & onions, naan bread, cucumber yoghurt, tamarind and chutney.

Beef Short Rib @ Smoke & Barrel

Smoke & Barrel brings traditional Texas-style smokehouse and barbecue to Wyndham Street. With an original wood-fired smoker specifically brought in from the US, Smoke & Barrel serves authentically smoked stacks of meat together with their signature BBQ sauce. The All American Brisket, Beef Short Rib and Carolina Pulled Pork are the stars of the show, and are most often served with a selection of traditional smokehouse sides including Jalapeno Cornbread, Tater Tots and Mac & Cheese.

Photography Credits: Smoke & Barrel. Short Rib.

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