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Best dishes Peel Street restaurants Hong Kong

Posted on January 9, 2021 by Raffaella Bichiri

From the top of the hill to the bottom, these are our fave dishes from the best restaurants and cafes on Peel Street. With Steak-Frites, Japanese and Brazilian-Japanese cuisine, Brunch spots, and a creative Pizza concept, Peel Street has a lot to offer Hong Kong foodies.

Trimmed Entrecote Steak @ La Vache!

La Vache is an entrecôte steakhouse from Black Sheep Restaurants inspired by Parisian brasseries, serving up affordable succulent steak and crispy fries. The menu of is simple yet fantastic – a plate of salad to start with Walnuts and a tasty sauce, golden fries that keep coming, and marbleised pre-cut steak cooked to your liking, combined with a Special House Sauce. With its consistent steak quality and friendly service, La Vache certainly knows how to keep guests satisfied and happy, also now at home as the famous steak is available as a steak sandwich with fries for delivery.

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Photography Credits: Black Sheep Restaurants. Steak Frites.

Impossible Cheeseburger @ Shady Acres

Shady Acres is a hard-to-miss social hub, where bar bites and the extensive wine list steal the show every on Peel Street. The popular wine bar boasts a homespun feeling and unbeatable deals that guarantee good times with familiar and new friends. The success of Shady Acres owes much to the quality of their drinks, but their food is also equally impressive. From the food menu, the Impossible Cheese Burger is the standout for us, which even has some die-hard meat lovers singing the praises of plant based burgers! Now available through the Shady Bodega on Deliveroo.

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Photography Credits: Shady Acres. Impossible Cheeseburger.

Black Truffle and Gold Foil Assorted Sashimi Bowl @ Chi Chi Cham

The lively and eccentric bar and restaurant that is Chi Chi Cham on Peel Street combines Japanese Izakaya and the ancient Chinese humours into a popular place for food and drinks alike. This Assorted Sashimi Bowl with Peony Prawn, Toro Tartare, Salmon, Yellow Tail, Scallops and Uni is a favourite, with other delights including a mega Sashimi platter and Teriyaki Chicken Thigh. A selection of yakitori is also on offer, including Shiso leaf chicken. Reserve your table if you want to have an immersive dining experience that is also wallet-friendly, or order at home through Food Panda.

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Photography Credits: Assorted Sashimi Bowl.

Avocado Toast @ Fineprint

Opening its second location of now three on Peel Street, Fineprint is the place to find high quality coffee during the day and excellent cocktails, wines and Aperol spritz at night. The Espresso Martini is a different level and the coffee shop also serves all-day healthy snack options. From avocado toast with lemon, basil, sea salt and olive oilto to a ricotta toast with honey, blueberries and thyme, there are many options to accompany your morning coffee or lunch. Fineprint now also boasts its own online shop which sells branded coffee, brewing gear, and even monthly coffee subscriptions.

Photography Credits: Fineprint. Avocado Toast.

Chicken & Okra dumplings @ Uma Nota

Uma Nota is a Brazilian-Japanese restaurant and bar that brings São Paulo’s street food and unique cocktails to Peel Street. Chicken and Okra Dumplings with homemade chili sauce are one of our fave dishes on the menu, and the Cheese Burger with a delicious Sweet Potato Bun is also a standout. Several ceviche options form the Raw menu, which also boasts a selection of Skewers. A winning dish for sharing is always the Faldinha, a grilled flank steak with farofa and feijao salad. Reserve your table for a fun and easy-going meal under the modern Brazilian, Latin and International beats. Also available through Uma Nota’s Meraki at home delivery service or get here on Food Panda.

Photography Credits: Dishtag. Coxinhas de Frango.

Nduja @ The Pizza Project

At the bottom of Peel, a game changing pizza concept from Pirata Group. Envisioning to make pizza accessible to everyone, the pizza joint offers great doughy creations at a fair price. The stunning Carbonara pizza with its quail eggs and pancetta is the one that usually grabs the attention, but our fave is this spicy Nduja pizza which tastes amazing straight out of the famous Pizza Project oven. Creative lunch and good value tasting menus are of course on offer from Pirata, also available for delivery on Deliveroo. Learn more about the fave pizzas of chefs Andrea and Davide in our interview.

the pizza project dishtag
Photography Credits: Pirata Group. Nduja Pizza.

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