Best dishes LKF Tower and California Tower restaurants

Posted on January 8, 2021 by Raffaella Bichiri

Here are our fave dishes from the best restaurants in LKF Tower & California Tower. With steak restaurants, Italian, Tapas, Japanese, Balinese inspired cuisine, these culinary towers in the heart of the Wyndham & LKF offer some great options for Hong Kong foodies.

Wagyu Cheek Bao @ Poem

Poem is Le Comptoir Group’s Balinese restaurant concept in LKF Tower in Lan Kwai Fong. Take one step into the restaurant and you’ll feel transported to the Southeast Asian island with a décor and ambience heavily influenced by wood and greenery. Spices, Curry and Sambal all make regular appearances in the food, though the creations are also influenced by the chef’s international culinary background. Tuna Tartare and Seared Scallops get a Balinese makeover, while Indonesian classics such as Crispy Suckling Pig are also on offer. The Wagyu Cheek Bao is the standout for us, also available for delivery.

poem dishtag
Photography Credits: DIshtag. Wagyu Cheek Bao.

Wagyu Sando @ Silencio

Sliencio, in LKF Tower in Lan Kwai Fong, is Hong Kong’s first and only contemporary izakaya featuring live jazz music. In Silencio, Le Comptoir Group have recreated the unique ambience of Japanese drinking dens with a specially curated list of sake and an inventive menu of Nigiri, Sashimi and specialty Maki. Aside from unique ‘Sichuan’ and ‘Cheeseburger’ Maki Rolls, other popular menu items include Miyazaki Wagyu Sando, Foie Gras served in a Bao and Charcoal Grilled Red Prawns. Book a table or get delivery.

Photography Credits: Dishtag. Wagyu Sando.

Lobster Linguine – Porterhouse

Porterhouse brings a steakhouse dining experience to California Tower in the bustling Lan Kwai Fong district of Central. The spotlight shines on quality cuts of meat with a menu designed by Executive Chef Angelo Vecchio. As their name suggests, Porterhouse Steaks are the stars here and sourced from around the world, with other cuts also available. A menu heavy on beef is complemented well with a selection of Pork and Lamb options, as well as various Seafood items that are served both grilled and raw. The Lobster Linguine is a signature and the Infamous Burger is a great shout for delivery.

Photography Credits: Dishtag. Lobster Linguine.

Mario’s Meatballs @ Carbone

Carbone is a New York style Italian restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong, specialising in pizzas and a wide array of appetisers. The old New York glamour is fully elaborated in the waitstaff’s uniforms, style of service and a rocking playlist, alongside generous portion of American flavourites and well-mixed cocktails. Signatures include spicy rigatoni vodka and carpaccio piemontese, and of course the famous Carbone Mario’s Meatballs. Order here for delivery or book a table.

Photography Credits: Black Sheep Restaurants. Mario’s Meatballs.

The Impossible Bacon Cheese @ Beef & Liberty

Beef & Liberty is a burger joint in Hong Kong, serving up juicy, beefy and smoky burgers in multiple locations. The burger specialist spent years researching what makes the perfect hamburger, from meat-to-bun ratios to cheese meltability, sharing their burger addiction with the people in Hong Kong. Beef & Liberty also introduces plant-based burgers recently to have a more inclusive menu for people with different dietary requirements. Signatures include scotch eggs, the notorious P.I.G and Impossible burger. Book your table or order on delivery with Deliveroo.

Photography Credits: Beef & Liberty. Impossible Bacon Cheese.

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