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Best dishes Elgin Street restaurants Hong Kong

Posted on January 11, 2021 by Raffaella Bichiri

Snaking up through Soho from Hollywood Road, crossing Staunton Street and stretching up to Caine Road, Elgin Street is the heart of Hong Kong’s Soho area. With Chinese fusion, Pizza spots, Sri Lankan cuisine, Italian home cooking, French Fine Dining and Middle Eastern concepts, Elgin Street has some incredible options for Hong Kong foodies.

Mom’s “mostly cabbage, a little bit of pork” dumplings @ Ho Lee Fook

Ho Lee Fook is a Chinese fusion restaurant dedicated to family-style dishes executed in an unconventional approach. With an open kitchen and moody dining space, Ho Lee Fook takes a creative spin on the traditional Chinese cuisine, serving up Chef Jowett Yu’s innovative interpretation of Chinese favourites. Signature includes wagyu steak tartare and fried cauliflower, and these incredible pork dumplings. Read more in our interview how Chef had to consider “the breath of the wok” – the intense heat that is essential in Chinese cooking – in developing a delivery menu during the pandemic.

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Photography Credits: Black Sheep Restaurants. Pork dumplings.

La Pizza Quattro Stagioni @ La Camionetta

La Camionetta may operate out of a small space on Elgin Street in Soho, but their pizzas are full of big flavours. The husband and wife team of Benito and Giulia Proust serve traditional, regional and novelty pizzas that are all handcrafted. Signatures include the Five-Cheese Pizza, La Caprese Pizza and La Goat Cheese Pizza, but our fave is this ingredient packed Quattro Stagioni with Tomato Sauce, Fior di Latte, Herbed Cooked Ham, Artichoke, Mushrooms, Taggiasche Olives and Oregano. Available for delivery.

Photography Credits: La Camionetta. Quattro Stagioni Pizza.

String Hopper @ Hotal Colombo

Hotal Colombo is a Sri Lankan restaurant on the north end of Elgin Street in Soho, celebrating the colourful and flavourful food culture of the island. The establishment is hard to miss, with its tropical design and unique music playlist. Head chef Gisela Alesbrook is a Sri Lankan native, dedicated to creating the delectable homeland cuisine to food lovers in Hong Kong. Signatures include fish cutlets with hot sauce and chilli potato fry however the winner when it comes to Sri Lankan cuisine always has to be the hoppers, available with a selection of Sambals and Kiris. Hoppers are not unfortunately available for delivery, but there are plenty of other options including the Chicken Kothu and Black Pork Kari.

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Photography Credits: Black Sheep Restaurants. Hoppers.

Chicken Francese @ Posto Pubblico

The Soho institution that is Posto Pubblico has been giving Hong Kongers Italian home cooking with cool beats in a great space for over 10 years  Originating from New York, the menu is rooted in generations-old family recipes, featuring simple ingredients from local sustainable sources. Signatures include the Veal Meatballs, Farfalle Salsiccia and Cacio Pepe. Despite the Veal Milanese being up there with the best in Hong Kong, our favourite “Posto” dish for eat in or delivery, is the Chicken Francese, with mushrooms, parsley and lemon.

posto pubblico dishtag
Photography Credits: Posto Pubblico. Chicken Francese.

Whole Roasted Chicken with Petits Pois A La Francaise @ Belon

Helmed by acclaimed chef Matthew Kirkley, who took over the reigns from Daniel Calvert in mid-2020, Belon is a Neo-Parisian French bistro on Elgin Street in Soho. Well established in the Michelin Guide and Asia Top 50 list since 2018, the sleek and eye-catching bistro is a two-storey establishment, with a bar upstairs and a dining room downstairs for exquisite culinary craft tasting. Signatures include this eye catching Whole Roasted “Three Yellow” Chicken with “Petits Pois a la Francaise”, Basil Ccarpinocc with Burrata and Fruit Tomatoes and a Sindhri Mango & Lime Millefeuille.  Open Wed-Sat 12pm-6 and delivery available on request.

belon dishtag
Photography Credits: Black Sheep Restaurants.Whole Roasted “Three Yellow” Chicken with “Petits Pois a la Francaise”.

Baklava @ Acme

Located at the top of Elgin Street, Acme – part of the Bakehouse Group – offers Middle Eastern cuisine focusing on blending contemporary plating with traditional dining fare. Traditional Shawarma and Fattoush form the backbone of the savoury menu, but it is the desserts at Acme that have foodie heads turning, with French Toast with saffron stewed oranges and the Baklava, the sweet and nutty Arabic delicacy, the standouts. The interiors are inspired by sand dunes in the Middle Eastern deserts, and the restaurant takes on earthy tones and an abundance of light wooden shades. An exciting new concept for this growing restaurant group. Now available for reservations.

Photography Credits: Bakehouse Group. Baklava.

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