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Posted on July 16, 2021 by Alexandra Leung

This time, we go ‘Behind the Lens’ with Vanessa, aka @vanessafoodiary on Instagram, who is currently working as sales representative and media consultant of local CBD craft beer brand – Calma. Vanessa shared with us her top food photography tips and her impressions on the Dishtag app.

Tell us more about you. What do you do?

My name is Vanessa, I am born and raised in Hong Kong. I’ve been working in quite a few different fields after high school and the the job I enjoyed the most is when I worked at a local brewery. I am a huge fan of craft beer! Now I’m the sales representative and media consultant of a local CBD craft beer company – Calma CBD Beer.

How did you become a food blogger?

Fast backward to high school when I was constantly exploring new restaurants and posting food pictures on my personal Instagram account. So I thought to myself – might as well open a food account (just to record my calories intake!). As years go by, I’ve gained a group of supporters and now here I am!

When it comes to eating, do you prefer to discover new restaurants or go back to your favourite spot?

I prefer to discover new restaurants as I’m very open to trying new things and new cuisines. There is always a to-eat list on my phone where there are different kinds of food. Also to satisfy my followers with different content!

Tell us 3 food photography tips that are essential for taking good photos

#1 Lighting is always the key. Make sure to shoot during the day near a large window or it is even better to get an outdoor seat! Built-in flash or phone flash will make the food look unappetising and flat!

Sourdough Pizza, Dough Bros

#2 Use the lens that you are familiar with. I’m always shooting with my Fujifilm XT-20 with XF56mm F.1.2. It works best for food photography and portrait which is why it’s always my go-to lens! I’ve been shooting with lenses in this focal length to get the background a bit more blurred out to make the food in the focus area more distinct.

Granny’s Signature Pho, Nam Viet Nam Café

#3 Last but not least – the hand models! Bring friends who enjoy food and are willing to be a part of the photo! Liveliness food pics will never disappoint you.

Salted Egg Yolk Burger, Burger Begin

What are your top 3 restaurants in Hong Kong?

  • Sushi Man – Their omakase lunch set is superb! Offered at an incredibly reasonable price with amazing quality as all ingredients are freshly shipped from Japan. I can guarantee you they have the best salmon roe in town and their pickled sushi ginger will surprise you!
Sushi Man
  • Kwan Kee – It is the best place to go to satisfy your claypot rice cravings! I’ve visited them 10+ times and they never let me down. Smokey, soft and chewy rice topped with Chinese sausage, and golden rice crisp at the bottom of the pot, who can say no to that?
Claypot Rice, Kwan Kee
  • Arbor – Excellent modern fusion French cuisine using a lot of Japanese ingredients. Their food is delicious and innovative, the service is professional and enthusiastic, and their Madeleine is probably the best in town. Totally worth the Michelin two stars!

Tell us one thing you like and one thing you don’t like when using the Dishtag app.

The photo guide is definitely the best feature of Dishtag app! It’s easy to follow, even a smartphone can yield gorgeous and high-quality images. Hopefully Dishtag will feature more restaurants around Kowloon in the future as most of the feature ones are located around the island area!

Is there any features you would like us to add to the Dishtag app?

It would be great if the photos can be automatically shared to Facebook and Google review but not only Instagram.

Which three restaurants is on their to-go or to-try list?

New Punjab Club, The Hangout, Wagyumafia have been on my list for the longest of time, will try to tick them off soon!

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