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Posted on February 24, 2021 by Alexandra Leung

Good food is always a bit sweeter when shared with good friends! This week, we go ‘Behind the Lens’ with a foodie girl group, aka @little.miss.picky on Instagram. Chloe, Phoebe and June shared with us the story behind their food blog as well as some useful food photography tips. As a top user of the Dishtag app, the girls also shared their impressions of our fast-growing app.

Can you tell us a bit more about you guys? How did you meet?

Having known each other since primary school (more than 10 years and counting!), we are 3 foodie friends who are very picky on their food preferences. Phoebe can’t eat spicy stuff at all, Chloe only likes dishes that are aesthetically well presented, June is probably the least picky amongst the three of us, but she absolutely hates crowded and noisy eating environments.

We work in different industries (retail, media and government services respectively), but we share the common interest in snapping pics of the good food we eat. That’s how we started our IG foodie account back in 2018. Our typical gathering is having brunch at a new cafe, then going on a nearby hike to burn all those calories (LOL).

Portrait of Chloe (left), June (middle), and Phoebe (right)
How do you see the role of food photography on your social media accounts? Do you find your followers more inspired by the photos or by the comments?

Instagram is fundamentally a visual platform, so food photography plays an important role in capturing people’s attention when they are strolling through their feed. That’s also why we obsessively curate our feed to have a common theme per row for consistency. 

Our followers are probably more prone to pause when they see a mouthwatering food photo that makes them drool, then read our picky reviews in the captions for more details. We’re especially motivated when we notice people saving our posts, which we hope means that they might refer back to the content we shared when they visit the restaurant introduced. 

What gear do you use to document your dining experiences?

Just our iPhones and some photo editing apps, such as Lightroom and Focos. 

Can you share your very favourite food shot on your Instagram? What’s the story behind the post? 

Our fave food shot has to be this seafood risotto dish at Oldish. We came here on “Galentine’s Day” a few years ago and shared our photos of our dining experience on Instagram. The restaurant owners reached out to us afterwards and asked if they could use our pictures in their promotional materials. This little form of recognition really made us feel validated as food bloggers and gave us extra encouragement to keep on refining our skills. 

Seafood Risotto @ Oldish
In your point of view, what kind of food image is the most engaging content on your blog?

Our most engaging content are usually the hidden gems and unique dishes that others may not yet have tried before, such as the new weekend special (mini Belgian waffles) we discovered at Moment by Moment, a small cafe in PMQ. One of our top posts to date. 

Valrhona Raspberry Chocolate Mini Waffles @ Moment by Moment
Your photos on the Dishtag app also look great. As a frequent user of the Dishtag app, what do you like most about it? 

Dishtag is super great for finding restaurant inspiration from other users, and we really appreciate that pictures are uploaded in full screen instead of being reduced to a square. We also love the ‘places’ function to keep track of all the eateries that we’ve visited!

Classic Iced Matcha Latte @ Matchali
Your photos look so yummy and inspiring! Could you give us a few tips on how to take great food photos even when dining out in non-optimal situations? 

If the restaurant lighting is really dark, we usually use another phone’s flashlight covered with a thin napkin, so it doesn’t look too harsh or bright, but rather presented in a softer and more natural way. 

Salmon Tartare @ Dear Lilly

We also like to experiment and shoot the dish from different angles, such as close-ups or flat-lays, so we can choose the perfect shot to post afterwards. 

Classic Blueberry Cheesecake @ Boholic (Side-angle)
Classic Blueberry Cheesecake @ Boholic – Flatlay
What is your favourite type of food to shoot? 

We are total suckers for DESSERTS, so #littlemisspicky_dessert is probably one of our most used hashtags. Not only are they stunning works of art that are visually pleasing, it’s especially fun to capture the various moments before we are about to dig in, as it adds an interactive element to the pictures. 

Earl Grey Butterfly Pea Souffle Pancake @ Wong’s Kitchen
Favourite restaurant in HK?

It’s hard to pick a favorite one because we enjoy trying new restaurants and different cuisines, but we absolutely adore local comfort food and can never get enough of Sing Heung Yuen (勝香園) and Mon Kee Cafe (旺記冰室)

What advice would you give to new food bloggers?

If you’re thinking of creating a new food account, just do it! You’ll learn so much from the process of all your trials and errors that you could never have from a book or guide. And don’t be afraid to try new things and find your unique angle to stand out from the crowd along the way. Scrolling back to our old posts, you’ll (hopefully) see how our content and photos have evolved over the years.

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Alexandra Leung
Author: Alexandra Leung