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Posted on February 5, 2021 by Alexandra Leung

This week we go “Behind the Lens” with Annesa, a nursing student who has a passion for food photography. She shares with us some great tips for documenting her dining experiences through stunning food photography on her Instagram and Dishtag app profile @foodiewm.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? What do you do besides your passion for food?

My name is Annesa, currently a student, studying nursing. I first started my food account in 2018. I created it in the first place to share the joy of food with people around me, hoping that people can grasp my passion for food through my account. The name I used for my IG profile @foodiewm means “Foodie with me”. When I’m not studying, I spend some of my free time watching Netflix and looking for restaurants or new spots in Hong Kong to visit!

How do you see the role of food photography on your foodie accounts? Do you find your followers more inspired by the photos or by the comments you make on the dishes?

Food photography plays a crucial role in running my account, it helps me engage more with my followers. Initially I was confused on the best way to take photos, what is the right angle, lighting etc… So I just kept practicing wherever I went, capturing things that inspired me, on a daily basis, and eventually I learned what looks better and what is more engaging.

Apart from taking good pictures, honest reviews are also important. I do hope my comments can help the audience to get to know what to expect from a certain restaurant.

I think that a lot of my followers find my account attractive because of the way I edit my food pics, I got several direct messages with people’s appreciation towards my posts.This type of feedback is the greatest push for me to keep doing what I love and improving!

What gear do you use to document your dining experiences?

I just use my iPhone!

Can you share your very favourite food shot on your profile? What’s the story behind it?
Nitro coffee / tea at NOC Whampoa

It’s not food but it’s my favourite shot out of all my pictures. This coffee photo was taken in Noc Whampoa, which is great for coffee and I love their white and grey minimal interiors. What I like the most about this pic is the nice foam on top of the coffee and the smooth gradient made with the colour of milk and coffee. I think is a great shot!

In your point of view, what kind of food image is the most engaging content on your accounts?

I was surprised to see the success of my homemade series #madebyannesa, versus the restaurant content.

Before the pandemic started, I wasn’t very confident with my cooking skills and I thought I’d burned my kitchen down, but then things started to turn out quite nice. And I started receiving great feedback on the pictures. Several people DMd me to compliment me and ask me for the recipes.

Homemade Cinnamon Roll
Homemade Tiramisu
As a frequent user of the Dishtag app, what do you like most about it?

I like the Dishtag app as it’s easily accessible, provides a platform for users to share photos taken from restaurants and allows me to connect with other foodies. Follow me on Dishtag @foodiewm!

Your photos on your Dishtag profile look so yummy and inspiring! Could you give us a few tips on how to take great food photos even when dining out in non-optimal situations? 

Photo editing plays an important role in pictures. I use Lightroom to edit my photos, it helps to fix a lot of problems, especially the lack of lighting. I enjoy editing from Lightroom because I can customise my own filter.

Lack of lighting (Before)
After Editing from Lightroom

I usually “borrow” my friends’ hand to make my pictures less dull. I find that the human element makes images more interesting and adds an element of variety from photo to photo.

Margarita pizza at Cafe Boheme
Orange Suzette Soufflé Pancake at Black Coffee
What is your favourite type of food to shoot?

I am a big fan of croissants. I am constantly looking for the perfect croissant with a layered and flaky texture.

Tom Yum Lobster Bisque Lava Croissant at Lemon Grass Fast Gourmet
Croissant from Gontran Cherrier
Favourite restaurant in HK?

It’s hard to choose my favourite restaurant. But if I have to, it’s got to be Le Reve. I always have an unforgettable experience with their food and their service.

Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallop at Le Reve
What advice would you give to new food bloggers?

Firstly, never stop refining your own style, including curating a unique social media feed. Secondly, keep practicing and learn from others. Most importantly, Don’t Give Up!

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Alexandra Leung
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