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Behind the dish with with Jack Law from Wingman

Posted on December 5, 2019 by admin

Jack Law and Elliot Nicholas are 27 year old chicken wing fanatics, and the founders of Wingman, funky wing-specialised joint in the heart of Central. We met them during a cool boat event in which they were providing catering for. That’s where we tried their awesome wings and had a chat with Jack, the business side of the wing hotspot.

Jack is the guy who had big dreams at an early age and does not miss an opportunity when he sees it. When asked for a piece of advice to young entrepreneurs he gave us 8 helpful ones! Read on if you want to discover what they are.

Hi Jack, can you tell us a bit about your background?

My start-up life started when I was 14, selling instant noodles in boarding school for 1 pound per pack. So F&B seemed like it is my destiny.

My role, passion is to be creative, I LOVE photography. Marketing is my second thing that seemed most natural to me when it comes to work. I worked in a local marketing firm working with F&B clients for 1.5 years before I started freelancing for a couple restaurants projects. Then we gave birth to Wingman, Full Time parents now.

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Where did the idea for wingman come from?

Wingman came about when me and Elliot sat down 4 years ago, worrying about our future and wtf to do with our lives. Elliot is the guy who’s always into restaurants, having a restaurant never even crossed my mind.

We did what we could to identify gaps in the market and chicken wings was a huge one. We knew from our experience abroad that HK was nowhere near it. So we wanted to do a wing-specialised shop that not only offer wings, but the best god damn wings HK has tasted.

We went through our struggles to start business in HK (money, resources, time, talents) it was not until 2018, June. We were lucky enough to partner up with a good friend of mine Manu from Burger Joys who gave us a helping hand to launch our products on Deliveroo.

What is your favourite wing flavour from Wingman?

It has to be the new product, the Fragrant Szechuan Chicken Wings Pot. We combined two of HK’s most favourite dishes together. In Chinese it is “Gai Bo”

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Why do your customers love wingman?

I believe Product quality is the most important factor for F&B, then it is the service, then it is the VIBE. I always said to El, we are not only building a restaurant but we are building a Brand, a lifestyle brand.

But to keep it real and simple, we are just doing what we do best (wings) and to be chilled about it.

We are very impressed by the fact that you took Wingman photos yourself, tell us more on how you started with photography / food photography

(Thanks guys, really appreciate the love) My first camera was a Ricoh SLR given to me at 8 by my dad, who is also a photographer. So taking photos has always been in my life. Composition, finding objects with a purpose through the view finder – these are the things I learned from him the most. (I wasn’t that technical at all)

It really started to get serious when I worked at that local marketing firm, where I had to also create content. So I started to get serious about gears, lens, editing and all that jazz. I have been shooting food and products for 4 years now.

I am still learning to try to be better.

What do you think about professional food photography and food photos on social media?

Is it Instagrammable? That’s what people have to consider nowadays during the shoot planning. It is that important. #CameraEatsFirst right?

One piece of advice you would give to other young entrepreneurs that want to try to make it in this industry?
  1. have a good idea? Don’t tell anyone but do a shit lots of research
  2. Find a good partner, who has skill sets that you don’t
  3. Invest time to learn how marketing works in HK F&Bs
  4. Get out there and find people to collaborate with you to do pop ups (markets, pop up stores) to test the market and product for more R&Ds
  5. Don’t be afraid to be different, so many people do the same stuff repeatedly here in HK.
  6. People prefer authenticity, always.
  7. Make as much mistakes as possible when you start, later on they would become way more expensive to make.
  8. Have FUN with it and make time for friends and family.


Address: 6/F, Cheung Hing Building, 37 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong
Opening hours: 12PM – 11PM (Mon – Fri) | 12- 4PM , 6-11PM (Sat & Sun)
Dishtag favourites: Singapore “Zing” Wings, Szechuan Wings Gai Bo, Lotus Chips

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