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Behind the dish with Han Chen from Mr Meat Hot Pot

Posted on December 10, 2019 by admin

Taking a creative spin on the traditional hot pot dining scene in Taipei, Mr Meat Hot Pot & Butchery is uniquely famous for its premium meat offerings and wholesome broth options. In this episode of Behind the Dish, we talked to the owner Han about the concept, the menu and his view on food photography. If you are heading to Taipei for Christmas, make sure you check out Mr Meat Hot Pot & Butchery!

Can you tell us about your culinary background? How did you come to open Mr Meat?


I came from a family with restaurant business background. My uncle has a traditional hotpot restaurant called “Lao Jio,”(meaning the youngest uncle from the mom side) in Taichung. My cousins and sister, we all helped in the restaurant after school or work and we are quite used to it.  One of my cousins and I came to Taipei to open Taipei branch for “Lao Jio,” where I met with my wife Wina. We got married in 2014 and started our own brand Mr. Meat in 2015.

How would you describe the Mr Meat dining experience amidst other Hot Pot restaurants?

Taiwanese love hotpot and we have various kinds here, from high end luxury to economic, some specialise in beef, some famous for their seafood.  If you breakdown the food elements of hot pot restaurant – soup base, meat selections, veggie platter, condiments, and sweets. In Mr. Meat, we only provide fermented soup base like sour cabbage, pickled chilli pepper and garlic.  The meat selection is another highlight since we offer the most premium in town, more than 12 kinds from all over the world as well as local sourced. Our “meat dessert” series starting from popsicle, soft cream, sorbet, bacon lollipop and the present Taiwan sausage popsicle.  So much fun we had with the creativities as well as the consumers who had them.

Where did you get the inspiration to open such a different kind of hot pot restaurant?


Paul Smith said, “You can find inspiration from everything.” and I second that!  My wife and I love to travel and that does open up our eyes and minds. Restaurants, museums, design exhibitions, bars, winery, brewery, butchery, pastry, even in an amusement park we found inspirations.  We have friends in different fields, politics, finance, teacher… and we could talk about anything and gain ideas from the conversation.

You have an incredible selection of meats on the menu. Whats your favourite meat and why?


You are asking which one is my favourite child? Lol  I love them all. But if I have to choose, I will pick local Taiwan pork and Spanish Iberico.

What is the biggest challenge for you so far running such a kind of restaurant?

Although hotpot is well loved here by the local as well as the travellers, we are still facing the low demand during the hot and humid summer in Taipei. We have been opened for 4 years, not new yet still not popular and well known enough for everyone to remember. We are still trying everyday to create new things to attract the consumers.

What do you think of food photography and how does it affect your work?

One picture is worth a thousand words. Food photography is hell important to the restaurant business. It’s a way of communication between restaurant operator and the customers. The consumers are also using food shots sending out messages to each other, as well showcasing chefs’ hard work and efforts.

Mr Meat Hot Pot & Butchery – BOOK NOW

Address: 106, Taiwan, Taipei City, Da’an District, Lane 81, Section 2, 35 Dunhua South Road
Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday – Sunday 12–2:30pm, 6–10pm

Dishtag favourites
Soup: Spicy Chilli Pot with Udon Noodles NT$ 445 (HK$ 114.2)
Meat: Wagyu Beef A5 150g NT$ 700 (HK$ 179.5) & Iberico Bellota Pork Boston Butt 150g NT$ 620 (HK$ 159.2)
1 soup is for 1 person and comes with a selection of vegetables and tofu

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