Behind the Bar with Gerry Olino from Foxglove 1

Behind the Bar: Gerry Olino from Foxglove

Posted on October 24, 2019 by admin

Previously in Behind the Dish we talked to Jonathan Bui, the founder of Foxglove, about the signature dishes and his secret to running a successful restaurant and bar. This week, we talked to Gerry Olino, the Beverage Manager of Ming Fat House (the group that owns Foxglove), for our Behind the Bar series, to talk about the Foxglove Martini and his view on sake drinking.

Hi Gerry, could you give us a quick introduction about your background? 

My first job in F&B was as a junior server at the Hard Rock Café in Kowloon. During this time my interests turned towards the bar and after some time, I spent 6 memorable years at Island Shangri-La’s Lobster Bar. In 2016, I joined the opening team at Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour, where I found that I was able to fully use and develop even further my own knowledge of gins and other spirits.

How long have you been Beverage Manager of Ming Fat House?

I’ve been in this role for just over a year now.

Could you tell us what’s in the Foxglove Martini? What is the inspiration behind it?

Behind the Bar with Gerry Olino from Foxglove 2

The Foxglove Martini is made with Four Fox Sake, Muscat Soju, Kumquat Liqueur, and Pomelo Tincture. Originally, the team wanted to add a martini into the Drinks Menu but traditional martinis are usually very strong in flavour and alcohol, which doesn’t appeal to everyone.

So, we made this martini with a mixed base of Four Fox Sake and Muscat Soju to make it a more approachable cocktail. The Soju adds aroma and leaves the drinker with a pleasant aftertaste. And we also used pomelo skin to add a special citrus note for the senses.

How do you think Four Fox Sake differentiates from other sakes?

Four Fox Sake is, in my opinion, a light sake, but at the same time it offers character and is more full-bodied than other sake options.

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