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5 Food Resolutions For 2019

Posted on January 3, 2019 by admin

A new year brings a fresh start, a chance to ditch old ways and to adopt good habits – we at Dishtag listed five food resolutions we’re carrying out this 2019, from eating well to exploring cultures beyond our own. They don’t involve squats and kale and we totally think they’ll set you up for foodie success.

Up Your Food Photography Game

Food Photography Tips from Dishtag

As a social platform that embraces the beauty of food photography, one of the questions we get asked most is: what’s the best angle to take pictures of dishes in restaurants? Food photography can be complex and its quality can depend on the equipment and environment available; but there are three quick and easy ways to instantly up your food-photography game. We listed them here to help you improve your craft.

Try Something New

Food Photography Tips from Dishtag 2

To quote late chef and ultimate foodie Anthony Bourdain, “Without experimentation, a willingness to ask questions and try new things, we shall surely become static, repetitive, and moribund.” So this year, we invite you to try something that goes beyond your usual flavour profile. Get a taste of wild game meats like kangaroo, ostrich and bison at Hunter & The Chase. Get experimental at 22 Ships where Spanish tapas to a new level with playful execution and fun plating of traditional ingredients. Feeling adventurous now? Discover more restaurants and their exciting menus here on Dishtag.

Support Sustainability

Food Photography Tips from Dishtag 3

From dropping plastic straws to reducing food waste, restaurants all over Hong Kong are increasing their sustainability and charitable practices. This year, we encourage all fellow foodies to be more conscious about their dining options and to support restaurants who do their part. Fishteria is known for its use of sustainable seafood and sources them daily (not in bulk) to reduce food waste and ensure freshness. The restaurants at Hotel Icon all donate surplus edible food to Food Angel, which provides healthy food for local families in need. Head over to Dishtag for a list of restaurants that are lauded for their sustainability and charitable efforts.

Set Yourself Up for a Healthy 2019

Food Photography Tips from Dishtag 4

So much food to try, so little time! We love dining out and discovering what talented chefs can whip up from the humblest of ingredients. So on some days, we like keep it light and look for dishes that have a good balance of nourishing ingredients and great taste. We like Sohofama and Locofama for their comfort food reinterpreted with healthy, organic ingredients. Use Dishtag to search for healthy options around town.

Explore New Worlds

Food Photography Tips from Dishtag 5

Hong Kong’s diverse population brings a vibrant selection of international cuisine, giving you a great opportunity to explore cultures new to you through something truly relatable: food. Sample a taste of Tel Aviv with Middle Eastern restaurant Francis, in Wanchai. Explore a fusion of Peruvian flavours with Japanese flair at the Pirata group restaurant Tokyolima. If you’re new to Hong Hong, discover the richness of Chinese cuisine at Old Bailey, situated in the historical and newly renovated heritage site Tai Kwun. The options are endless so we curated some of our favourites here on Dishtag.

We wish you an exciting 2019, filled with new experiences and fun food memories. Remember to loop Dishtag into your food journey by tagging @dishtag and hashtagging #dishtag on your Instagram posts

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